Off to the tanks, get set ... go! The publisher Gale Force 9, among other things responsible for the implementation of the board game for Firefly, is accepting pre-orders for the miniature game for the video game World of Tanks. The basic box costs 40 US dollars, and the four tank expansions each cost another twelve euros. The board game is expected to be released in October.

Star Trek, aliens, Dune, , Spartacus: Gale Force 9 has used many licenses to make board games. Now it is the turn of the video game brand of the Belarusian game developer with World of Tanks. The gameplay of the board game is based on the model of the tank MMO: players take command of the steel weapons of war and give themselves up to the neat.

World of Tanks: Miniature Board Game will be released in October

The miniatures game for World of Tanks running Gale Force 9 should be easy to learn, and the gameplay should be fast. Not surprising, because the “digital original” already attracts millions of fans to the keyboards and gamepads with its “easy to learn, hard to master” concept, now even as part of an official esports operation.

Board players are also expected to be able to try their hand at tank commanders from October. Instead of mass battles, the miniatures game relies on tactical skirmishes on a smaller scale. At least two players compete against each other in the tank skirmishes. The basic box includes four tanks for $ 40, and another four are available through chargeable expansions. Each steel monster has individual combat bonuses, such as high firepower, but a low movement rate.

There will also be crisp licensed tank battles on the home gaming table from October. Image rights: GF9

There will also be crisp licensed tank battles on the home gaming table from October. Image rights: GF9

The tanks should differ on the battlefield and require individual tactics. Last but not least, it is about putting together a powerful platoon from the existing fleet. The tank crew will also have an influence on this, as will additional modules with which the tanks can be equipped.

In addition to the tank models, players need the enclosed dice, tokens and cards in order to play. In addition, the board game comes with an online code for clever cross-marketing that can be redeemed in the video game.

Should the miniatures game be successful, it is likely that an extensive post-release plan will follow the release, including new tank models in particular. Players can already download the World of Tanks board game on the Gale Force 9 website Pre-order.

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