Fantasy Flight Games is working on the official solo rules for the miniatures game Star Wars: X-Wing. The Corona time is probably also the time for solo pilots and so FFG is starting the test phase with an early set of rules. From now on, players can download the rules for free and try them out - and in this way help Fantasy Flight Games improve the solo game of Star Wars: X-Wing.

Regardless of whether it's a quick dogfight or an epic space battle, up to now two players were required as a basic requirement. Fantasy Flight Games wants to change that and also appeal to solo players with the miniature game Star Wars: X-Wing. A first, early set of rules is already available.

Star Wars: X-Wing - The fight against yourself

The creators cannot manage the project on their own, they need the feedback from the fans in order to be able to bring Star Wars: X-Wing into the right form for solo players. FFD therefore invites you to download the new ruleset and try it out.

The new game mode relies on automated opponent actions and in this regard on a "dynamic and unpredictable" system - almost as if you were competing against a "real pilot". At least that would be Fantasy Flight Games' ideal of a solo game experience in a tactical miniature game that lives largely from the unpredictability of human thought processes.

FFG gives an example of the movement rules in solo mode. Image rights: FFG

FFG gives an example of the movement rules in solo mode. Image rights: FFG

At its core is a new "flight system" that aims to capture the feel of the game from the dogfights and thus also the moment-to-moment decision. Everything that human opponents were otherwise responsible for, such as flying maneuvers or carrying out attacks, now has to be done by a cardboard AI that "flies" the solo ships.

The actions are based on the position of the "tally" in connection with a reference card on which the actions are entered. In addition, ships can adopt an offensive, defensive or neutral stance, from which further action guidelines can be determined.

FFG is aware of the possible complicated game situations that can arise from solo rules. This is precisely why feedback from players - and thus from a variety of different gaming experiences - seems to be fundamental to the development and adjustments to the new rules. The solo ruleset for Star Wars: X-Wing is far from final. FFG has just started the new project, the rules are in an early "alpha", i.e. test phase. Fantasy Flight Games has worked out an introductory scenario so that players can get used to the rules of "Flying Solo" and then transfer the rules to standard games as well.

All About Flying Solo can be found on the Fantasy Flight Games website.


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