The Minecraft Dungeons release is scheduled for May 26th after the postponement. Actually, the video game should have been released this month, but developer Mojang couldn't keep the date. The dungeon offshoot of Minecraft suffered a similar fate in Corona times as other titles, including with Wasteland 3 or The Last of us 2 well-known representatives of their genres.

Minecraft Dungeons is the new extraction from the block building video game that fans are particularly looking forward to. The title is a more classic dungeon crawler with the iconic block look and is primarily intended to cast a spell over role players. Actually, fans should have started in April, but due to a rather small postponement compared to other release adjustments, nothing came of it. Now the humorous, Diablo-like Dungeon-Schnetzler appears in block optics on May 26th.

Minecraft Dungeons should be "good and fun".

Little was known about the exact reasons for the postponement of Minecraft: Dungeons. Yes, the focus was on the global corona pandemic, but further details were in short supply. Now Mojang producer Davd Nisshagen has told Eurogamer why the development team has decided to move Minecraft Dungeons back by around a month.

According to him, Mojang didn't want to put himself under unnecessary pressure - especially not in the current situation. Much more important: The developers were not particularly confident of being able to publish Minecraft Dungeons in the previously targeted period in the playful quality that was originally intended for the game. Mojang wants to deliver a result that one can be proud of. That would not have been possible without a postponement of the date.

From May 26th, players can hunt for treasure in Minecraft: Dungeons - and of course beat up monsters. Image rights: Mojang

Starting May 26th, players can hunt for treasure in Minecraft Dungeons - and of course beat up monsters. Image rights: Mojang

David Nisshagen also explains that Minecraft Dungeons could have been released in April. The team would not have felt comfortable with that. For the action role-playing game, Mojang wants to guarantee that the title will be "good and entertaining". The developers are now using the extra time to ultimately make the game better.

One thing is certain: Despite the postponement, Minecraft Dungeons will not support crossplay at the start. Therefore, fans can only play multiplayer games within the platform - at least for the time being. The crossplay feature should be implemented over time in the form of a free update.

Minecraft Dungeons is a spin-off of the main game and conceptually based on a classic hack'n slay. Players fight their way through cave systems with their characters in an isometric perspective and slaughter hordes of opponents - always looking for better loot. The dungeons are generated randomly, which should increase the replay value. By completing quests and slaying monsters, fans earn their characters experience points in order to unlock new skills, among other things. Oh, there is also a story.

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Minecraft Dungeons will be released on May 26th for PC, Playstation 4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch and will be available in two versions: a standard edition for around 20 euros and a hero edition with hero cape, skins and chicken pet for around 30 euros XNUMX euro. The more expensive version also includes two upcoming DLCs.

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