A novelty has been announced by the Hungarian publisher Mindclash Games, known for highly complex games. Thus, in addition to the two double episodes Perseverance, of which the Kickstarter for episodes 1 and 2 is currently being delivered, the successful Kickstarter for Voidfall and the cooperative campaign game Transhumanity, there are now a total of five games announced by the publisher. The new game previously ran under the working title "SEVEN".

Expert players are at the right place at Mindclash Games. On BoardGameGeek, the publisher's extensive games receive complexity ratings of over 4 out of 5 possible points and the average rating of the games is always in the very good range of 8 out of 10 points. With anachrony is a title in the top 50 and Trickerion is currently ranked 113 just outside the top 100 on the site. The novelty, which has now been announced by name, previously bore the working title SEVEN.

Septima: Kickstarter in Summer

In the newly announced game Seventh players compete to succeed Septima, the wisest and most knowledgeable witch. Witches from all over the world gather in Walpurgis to do their work in the witch-hostile city and to prove to Septima that they are worthy to become her successor.

Seventh is a competitive, highly interactive witchcraft strategy game. As the leader of their own circle, the players must prove their worth. Practicing witchcraft and gaining knowledge by collecting herbs, brewing potions, healing villagers and mastering spells are the tasks in the game, in addition to protecting your own brothers and sisters and protecting them from the witch courts. Because magic, even when used with good intentions, arouses suspicion. It doesn't take much of that to end up in a witch hunt.

Central element in Seventh is the secret selection of the nine action cards: Move, Gather, Brew, Heal, Recruit, Appeal, Chant, Ritual, and Remember. Actions become more powerful when chosen by multiple players, but this also raises more suspicion among the villagers and attracts the attention of witch hunters. This introduces a semi-cooperative element to the otherwise classic competitive game.

Healing, enthusiasm, or persuasion can garner enough support from the villagers to win the witch courts over to their side. Should a witch be acquitted, she joins the coven that saved her. Your circle can grow up to four witches. Witches from opposing covens can also join another player if they are saved.

The game should be suitable for 1-4 people aged 12 and over. The playing time is between 50 and 100 minutes. The Kickstarter is scheduled to launch this summer.

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