There is something new in the game company: Corax Games also want to release the secret missions for the agent board game Mind MGMT.

Mind MGMT pits rogue agents against a person who takes on the role of management. The management wants to recruit people with extraordinary mental abilities in order to get closer to the plan of world domination, the agents of course want to prevent that.

Envelopes with secrets

Mind MGMT is based on a comic book template and is full of secrets on and in all game elements. Including ten codes that can be used to unlock secret missions. These are now also available in printed form as the Secret Missions expansion.

Each card comes in a sealed envelope. If a code is discovered and entered on the corresponding website, everyone opens the corresponding envelope together. Alternatively, the envelopes can of course also be opened without first finding a code. At your own risk!

In addition to the Secret Missions, Corax Games would also like to check whether a new edition is interesting for the supporters, because the first edition is already sold out! For anyone who loves Scotland Yard (or Mr. X) à la bluffing and deduction games, Mind MGMT is definitely the next level. The campaign has already warmed up: around 7.500 of the 5.800 euros required have already been generated. Delivery is planned for April if the project is successful

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