Finnish Army Simulator PC game, developed by Please Be Patient Ltd., launches in Early Access on January 13, 2023.

Players can experience life in the army during military service, focusing on the atmosphere and everyday life in the army, which includes crude humor and silly, repetitive tasks, as well as playful mechanics of actual army training

Simulation game for Bundeswehr fans

Finnish Army Simulator is a first-person simulation game. However, it's not a typical war game, it focuses on life in the army during conscription and doesn't place any emphasis on battles.

According to Lead Developer Jeri Haapavuo, “We are excited that the game is in Early Access and is finally available to fans. It's been a long road to get here, but we're excited to see Life offer players a unique and deep army experience. It was enriching to find out that this experience is shared by many countries, especially those where there is military service. But I'm sure we made the characters and stories accessible to everyone, regardless of their background."

The game offers players the opportunity to experience different aspects of military life and offers a new perspective on the emotions and experiences that military service brings. Offering a realistic and immersive experience with relatable characters and story, the game is appropriate for players who have served in the army as well as those who are interested.

Please Be Patient Ltd is a Finnish game development studio focused on creating story-driven and immersive simulation games. The studio was founded in 2017. Please Be Patient Ltd is dedicated to creating games that offer players a unique and exciting gaming experience.

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