Aaron Greenberg, Xbox General Manager of Marketing, spoke in an interview with the British Gaming Bible, a gaming offshoot of the LadBible Group, about the basic options for expanding the Xbox Game Pass.

In the interview with the British gaming bible Specifically, it is about supplementing the Game Pass through partnerships with other publishers. The recently established partnership with EA, for example, made it possible to integrate the EA Play catalog into the Game Pass free of charge.

Xbox wants to create "further added value" for the Game Pass

Aaron Greenberg revealed that they are open to similar concepts in the future. At this point, however, he spoke more about add-ons: The option to expand the Game Pass with additional services, possibly in the form of discounts. Here we could imagine add-ons similar to Amazon Prime Video, where you get access to exclusive channels for a surcharge. Sky is also pursuing a similar concept with its modular streaming packages. He also mentioned that this is about more than just games.

“EA Play was an independent subscription service, the integration of which meant great added value. We believe that it is the best way to create further added value for the Game Pass. That is our primary focus. "

For example, a partnership has been entered into with Disney so that Game Pass subscribers can use the mouse company's streaming service free of charge for 30 days. Similar collaborations have been made with services such as Spotify and other on-demand platforms.

He added: “So we are open to such marketing partnerships and mutual promotion of these services because we know that for many people the best way to enjoy these games or entertainment formats is with an all-you-can-eat offer for a low monthly price Price."

When asked whether these services were limited in time, reference was made to the "EA Play" offer. Greenberg spoke of a significant cooperation that is long-term, but one cannot guarantee that it will last forever. He compared the integration of the additional services with Netflix's licensed film catalogue. In-house Netflix Originals productions would remain in place, but licensed films could change after the end of the contract.

Destiny 2 is also part of the Game Pass:

In general, Game Pass is currently the most attractive on-demand solution when it comes to video games. All Xbox Game Studios titles (now including Bethesda, Arkane Soft and ID Software) will be placed on the platform immediately upon release.

The catalog currently includes over 100 titles at a monthly price of EUR 12,99. With the current generation of consoles (Xbox Series X / S), the subscription service is to be expanded significantly.

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