After initial teething problems, things are going well for the Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020. Developer Asobo has since confirmed that over a million copies have been sold since the game's launch in August - actually sold and not just installed via the Game Pass. New content is also being worked on; the next update will focus on the United Kingdom

It took many years for the Microsoft flight simulator to be available in its new edition. At the start you had enormous Installation and startup problems to fight, meanwhile the airplane game is running much more smoothly. Fans use the 2020 version of “Flight Simulator” extensively, even though the game is currently only available for PC; but with the plan to port the title for Xbox consoles as well.

Microsoft flight simulator: next world update revolves around UK

The developer Asobo implemented the flight simulator in a visually impressive way and with a love of detail. A central factor of the flight simulation game is the “Mapping System”, which generates the virtual environment on the basis of real map and world data and can thus represent it realistically. The system is more of a kind of process than a concept that has been perfectly developed to the end: This is how the United States or Japan have been implemented, other “areas” will follow successively.

Recently, for example, North America was the focus of updates:

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The development team had now spoken about the third world update via Twitch stream. Accordingly, the UK is moving into focus. Around 50 to 60 new sights from England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland will find their way into the game.

The new update for the Microsoft flight simulator is to be published next year, probably in January. An exact reason has not yet been determined.


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