Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 is close to reality. So far, the authentic simulation game has also been a prime example of immersive gameplay - from now on the flight simulator gains even more realism: the new update also lets players climb into the cockpit using VR hardware.  

Microsoft had already confirmed that the flight simulator would receive a virtual reality update in 2020. It wasn't long ago - and now the new feature is already available. This brings the developers a clear step closer to the goals set, realism, authenticity and immersion.

Flight simulator 2020 supports different VR glasses

According to Microsoft, the feedback from the community helped to roll out the VR update in the form that has now been published. In any case, the developers value the opinions, praise and criticism of the fans. So it's no wonder that the flight simulator in virtual reality was also set up as broadly as possible in terms of the executable hardware.

"Our goal was to make this update accessible to as many VR players as possible," the developers said. "To achieve this goal, we worked to make this free update compatible across a wide range of supported devices."

The result is impressive: the VR update for the Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 supports a large number of different headsets. This is how Windows Mixed Reality headsets work, including the HP Reverb G2, and the Flight Simulator also runs on devices from Oculus, Valve and HTC. All major manufacturers of VR glasses are supported on the hardware side.

Players who have updated the flight simulator to the current version should be able to immerse themselves directly in virtual reality. This currently works with the versions for Xbox Game Pass, Windows PC and Steam PC. According to Microsoft, the version of the flight simulator has been optimized for the HP Reverb G2 and G1 and Samsung Odyssey + models.

The Microsoft flight simulator will also be available for Xbox Series X | S in the summer. It remains to be seen whether VR will also be supported on consoles in the future. Although there was some evidence to support this thesisHowever, there is no official information from Microsoft.

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