New day, new motivation: Again, players allow themselves to be tested for patience and start the download of the Microsoft flight simulator, which has already been awarded the title “Installation Simulator” by some fans after the installation problems and freezes. The Steam reviews are balanced, and buyers often complain about a non-working refund on Valve's platform. Put simply: download time is game time - and that has to do with Microsoft again.

Keep calm, don't get upset, just wait - it's release day. The positive Steam reviews looked like this or similar yesterday, including those who did not make it into the game, but still gave the Microsoft flight simulator good grades because they hope for a good game - and perhaps have put a decent amount of money into it .

Microsoft flight simulator: waiting for start

The Flight Simulator 2020 is not a bargain, especially in its deluxe versions. Just exchange? At least on Steam, this doesn't work without further ado, because those who have just started the game can no longer initiate their refund. The reason is relatively simple: The Microsoft flight simulator runs via an external launcher and that is exactly what Steam evaluates as the start of the game. Many fans are angry: “It's a full price beta” or a “hyped disaster,” they say.

With respect to the hanging installations at Microsoft flight simulator and the freezing loading bar only rarely improves. Some players report that they have made it into the game in the meantime, others have downloaded the client for many hours, only to then find that the download suddenly stalls, sometimes hangs up and does not start again with the remaining three gigabytes starts. Waiting can help, but still not in all cases.

We've already made it to the in-game world map. Image rights: Microsoft

We've already made it to the in-game world map. Image rights: Microsoft

Windows 10 updates seem to cause problems for some gamers, such as KB4565351 for Windows 10 version 1909 and KB4566782 for Windows 10 version 2004 causing error codes. So far there is no solution, but tech sites do mention disabling automatic Windows updates and manual installation. In order to uninstall updates you have to go to the “update history” (in the search for pressure enter the win key), there click on uninstall updates and search for the corresponding update and click on “uninstall”. In other cases there are even blue screens or sound problems, and there are no solutions for this either.

Sure, these are mostly purely technical problems. In the end, the Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 will deliver what it promises in a playful or “simulation-based” manner: a grandiose simulation experience that is currently unique in this form. Anyone who has already played raves about the new offshoot - even beginners who have never put their hands on the aircraft before are mostly enthusiastic. What stands out: Many players recommend it. to acquire appropriate control options so that you can really enjoy the Microsoft flight simulator. Control via gamepad is a good alternative; those who rely on keyboard and mouse can control the aircraft, but fans do not recommend this.

You can use the time of the installation or the waiting for a working installation to buy a cool flight controller.

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