The Microsoft Flight Simulator is a real success. Since the release of the new edition of the flight simulation game, around ten million players have already taken the virtual control stick across PC, consoles and the cloud.

The launch of Microsoft Flight Simulator in August 2020 was anything but successful. Installation problems in particular made the launch a frustrating experience for many fans. In the meantime, the flight simulation has recovered - it's running smoothly. Even more: With ten million players reached, the title is a real success. 

Flight simulator: Nice and big

Without a doubt, Microsoft Flight Simulator is one of the most beautiful video games of recent times. The sheer scope of the virtual world is already a highlight. The crowning glory is that the developers have also conjured up a grandiose look on the screens. 

In addition, the Microsoft Flight Simulator also demands a lot from fans in terms of play. Mastering everything from small aircraft to large Boeing passenger planes is anything but easy. Players have been able to practice for two years now – and they obviously like doing it. In the 27 months since it was released on Xbox, PC and in the cloud, the game not only attracted around ten million players, they also completed a total of 500 million flights and traveled 40 billion air miles. The new Microsoft Flight Simulator can also prove its success with impressive numbers.

The fact that the developers have been regularly releasing major updates to expand the already huge game should have been a big contributor. Again and again new sights, airports, landscapes or even flight challenges found their way into the game. 

And apparently that's not all, because Microsoft announces "exciting plans for the future. The statement applies to the year 2023 and "beyond", as the group said. Players can therefore continue to look forward to updates.

Microsoft Flight Simulator is available on Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One and PC.

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