There are increasing reports of problems with the new Microsoft flight simulator. More and more players are reporting freezing loading bars, stalling installations or even an update that is not running at all. On the very first day, the new offshoot of the flight simulator 2020 had difficulties getting off the runway at all. The good news: you can do something about installation problems. The bad news: it can take hours.

The Microsoft flight simulator has received numerous excellent reviews so far, the 2020 version is currently not doing that well with the players: Many players report problems with the game long before they were even allowed to sit in the cockpit.

Microsoft flight simulator: Installation annoying

The reports about difficulties with the installation of the Microsoft flight simulator don't stop, there could be help in the forum, but that is - probably due to the rush - difficult or impossible to reach. The result: players vent their frustration and give bad ratings. As an experienced gamer, you should actually know how things work: "Never play on a patch day" is a common saying - often rightly so. To play on release day? An absolute no-go, at least that's how it seems to be with Flight Simulator 2020.

"Press any key to start" - it could be that simple. Image rights: Microsoft

"Press any key to start" - it could be as simple as that. Image copyright: Microsoft

One of the player comments: "The game doesn't even want to start. I hate microsoft apps. It's always lucky if one of them will launch after installing it." For many users, the fun ends with the installation of the Microsoft flight simulator.

The good news: This time the problem is not in front of the screen on the keyboard, but lies directly with Microsoft. One could have guessed that not all would run smoothly - after all, the hype about the Microsoft flight simulator was already great in advance. The fact that the Redmond-based company did not make the large game client available for a pre-download now turns out to be the wrong decision. So what to do if the loading bar freezes or the installation hangs?

Flight Simulator 2020: loading bar hangs

The lesser evil is currently the loading bar hanging when you start the Microsoft flight simulator. Often the bar freezes at around 20 percent, sometimes later. A restart of the client provides the solution in many cases: either press the X, exit the client via the task manager (Alt + Ctrl + del) or trigger the ejection seat with Alt + F4.

The basic problem seems to be solvable. It is probably related to the server overload due to the huge rush on the cockpits. So what will help: be patient and restart the MS Flight Simulator 2020 over and over again. At some point you will be in it.

Installation freeze: that can help

The freeze during installation is currently proving to be particularly serious. Players have laboriously downloaded 30, 40 or 50 gigabytes for hours and suddenly nothing works anymore. "Rien ne vas plus" the pilot would yell desperately into the microphone if he didn't have to speak English in the cockpit. The download, which is more than 90 GB, gets stuck and suddenly stalls. Unfortunately, the classic emergency measures usually don't help: press pause and continue? Does not help. Client restart? Does not help. Just wait? It can help, but not in all cases. If you are patient, you can try it out first and hope that the download will start again automatically.

Currently causing trouble: The installation process of the flight simulator 2020. Image rights: Microsoft

Currently causing trouble: The installation process of the flight simulator 2020. Image rights: Microsoft

If that doesn't help either, the only way to do this is through a new installation at the moment. Especially annoying if you have already downloaded a large part and do not have the fastest line. Anyone who can fall back on a gigabit line will smile wearily at such installation problems: it takes 15 to 20 minutes, then the download is complete. All other players have to be patient and hope that the error does not recur. the According to gamers, problems with the Microsoft flight simulator occur Incidentally, on both versions: the one from the official MS store and via Steam.

Whatever helps: wait a few days and enjoy the beautiful weather. This currently saves frustration and anger.