The publishers Pegasus Spiele and Edition Spielwiese should be very happy: The MicroMacro: Crime City hidden object board game has been awarded the Austrian Games Prize. The cooperative game won another award.

The cooperative hidden object detective game MicroMacro: Crime City thrilled the critics. After being awarded the French “As d´Or” game award, the family game from Edition Spielwiese, which is distributed exclusively by Pegasus Spiele, was now able to convince the jury of the Vienna Games Academy.

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Even before the actual publication, all eyes were open MicroMacro: Crime City when snippets of a black and white hidden object of unknown origin appeared all over social media under the hashtag # mima20. After a total of nine postcards with different city sections, the riddle was solved with the announcement of MicroMacro: Crime City finally aired. Since then, the interest in the unusual detective game has remained unbroken, for which the one to four players not only need a sharp talent for combination, but also a good eye for details.


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MicroMacro: Crime City, that's 16 exciting criminal cases with different levels of difficulty. In addition, the players go on a hunt for criminals on a 75 x 110 cm illustrated hidden object city map. Step by step, the players puzzle themselves using the task cards of a case from the scene of the crime to clues, clues and evidence to the perpetrator himself. In the meantime, they discover numerous puzzles and secrets in Crime City. Not least thanks to the great success of the game, fans can already go to the second part, MicroMacro: Crime City 2 - Full HouseBe excited, with 16 new cases in the city of black and white crime.

The innovative family game from Hard Boiled Games not only inspires the game community, but also the juries of European game awards. The award of the French game award, the As d´Or, was followed in May by the nomination for Game of the Year. While Pegasus Spiele and sales partner Edition Spielwiese still have to wait to see if MicroMacro: Crime City will win the so-called red pawn - the Award of the game of the year takes place on July 19th.


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