MicroMacro: Crime City gets another part with "All in" and thus grows into a trilogy. In the crime-finding game, which focuses on a black and white metropolis of crime, players have to solve various difficult cases together.

MicroMacro: Crime City - All In is one of the new board games from Edition Spielwiese. That the successful concept of game author Johannes Sich would be expanded, was clear for a long time. Now, however, there is the first official information about the successor.

MicroMacro: Crime City – All in

After MicroMacro: Crime City and MicroMacro: Crime City 2 - Full House "All in" is now the third entry - and again there will be a new game plan that shows a section of the black and white comic metropolis. The plan builds on the previous ones. Once again it is the task of the players to solve the 16 enclosed criminal cases together. There will be new stories, but above all the game should be trickier than the two predecessors.

That was at least one point of criticism: Due to the different levels of difficulty, which tailored the game to both beginners and experienced players, the mix of target groups was too broad. Criminal pros in particular were only faced with challenges in a handful of cases, with the rest being just too easy. The game principle remains true: players have to find evidence and motives on the 75 by 110 centimeter game board in order to arrest the criminals. A small plastic magnifying glass is included as a game aid, because a good eye is also important in MicroMacro: Crime City - All In.

Commendable: The labeling of the cases is retained. Parents can therefore continue to play with their children without hesitation and simply filter out cases with too hard content. MicroMacro: Crime City - All In is playable independently of its predecessors. Neither the games nor prior knowledge is required.

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