FIST: Forged In Shadow Torch has received the biggest update since its launch: The new features will be celebrated with discounts on Steam and in the PlayStation Store so that everyone can explore Torch City with Rayton and his giant, mechanical fist.

FIST: Forged In Shadow Torch is a 3D Metroidvania action game starring a rabbit, wielding a giant mechanical fist and traveling with a group of charming characters in an original diesel punk world.

Boss rush feature is here!

Six years ago, the Legion invaded and colonized Torch City, which was originally inhabited by animals. Rabbit Rayton was a soldier in the Resistance War and has lived in seclusion ever since. After his friend is forcibly captured, Rayton retrieves his mechanical fist and sets off to fight back. Little does he know that he is involved in a big plot between the Mafia, the rebellion and the Legion.

In addition to being released in the Epic Games Store, FIST will also be equipped with the long-awaited Boss Rush feature. After the end of the story, players can access a special terminal in the Torch Tower and fight all the bosses they encountered on their journey, one by one or one at a time.

Some special bosses can even challenge hardcore players in Nightmare Mode: Master Wu, who tormented players with the doll in the name of combo training, and STO007, who ran away every time the players encountered him, are even better now tailored to their challengers and compete with completely redesigned combat patterns. Those who can successfully complete the Boss Rush will receive three new posters to change the appearance of their weapons.

In addition, players can enjoy the original soundtrack via the main menu and view the previously unpublished art book. This allows you to see exactly where the game started and where it is going.

With the update, German, Russian, French, Spanish and Portuguese (Brazil) are also available on the PlayStation.

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