The release of Metroid 4 for Nintendo Switch is not that lucky. After Retro Studios took over the development, they have been working there for a year and a half on the project that was completely thrown overboard in order to rework it from scratch. A new responsible producer for the video game is now being sought. But that's not the only open position at Retro Studios right now.

It is not uncommon for a studio's workforce to be increased during the ongoing development phase, especially since Retro Studios has already been able to attract a number of experienced employees - including from DICE and Visceral - to work on the Metroid 4, which will be released exclusively for Nintendo Switch to work.

Metroid 4: Release remains a big question mark

You are looking for information or even gameplay scenes Metroid 4 for Nintendo Switch in vain. Anyway, it's very quiet about a game that millions of fans around the world are expecting. After all, there is now another sign of life from Retro Studios, but this affects the workforce and not the game itself. The developers are looking for a "Lead Producer" for Metroid 4 to accompany the team on "their journey".

In addition, the position for the producer is not the only one currently open at Retro Studios. The Austin-based studio has advertised positions for a senior level designer, lead graphics engineer, concept artist and even a boss / AI designer. From this it can at least be seen that the development process for the new Metroid adventure is running and has not been crushed.

Otherwise, Metroid 4 for Nintendo Switch remains a mystery right now. A Release date the video game does not have it yet, it can even be assumed that the release will be a long time coming.

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