Skellig Games is cooperating with the game company to crowdfund a German version of the board game Merchants of the Dark Road by Elf Creek Games. The campaign runs until April 5th. 

The board game Merchants of the Dark Road comes from an idea by Brian Suhre, who had previously developed Freshwater Fly or Winterborne, among other things. Now the small publisher Skellig Games is looking for support: A German edition of the game is to be realized via the game company.

supply of a small town

After half a year of daylight, the dark season begins again. In Merchants of the Dark Road, up to 4 people slip into the role of merchants who take care of the supply of the city of Highreach. They first prepare their chariots in order to then bring goods and heroes along dangerous routes to distant cities. The roads are full of pitfalls. Whoever masters them can look forward to fame and fortune. Every time someone leaves the city walls and embarks on a new trading journey, the others in the round can join, which always benefits everyone involved.

The theme is always taken up by the mechanics in the game. The coherent artwork and the special material also contribute to the atmosphere.

If you want to support Skellig Games, you can join the project Merchants of the Dark Road until April 5th in the game forge look at. In addition to your own copy of the basic game, you can also secure deluxe material that has been added during the campaign.

The campaign goal has long since been achieved: the almost 21.000 “smiths” have already pumped over 230 euros into the project. Skellig Games had targeted a financing sum of 13.000 euros.

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