Pegasus Games recently released Memo Mission, a magical children's game. The new game in the magic cube series offers children from the age of six and families a mixture of memo gameplay and storytelling.

Memo Mission is set in the fairytale land of magic cubed Fabulantica game series and offers fun for the whole family. Unlike in classic memo games, the goal here is not to uncover pairs, but to complete missions. Each mission tile shows two to four magical motifs such as places, beings or objects. These must then be uncovered in the specified order. To do this, the players must always remember well where in the 5 × 5 grid which motifs are, because as soon as someone uncovers a wrong motif, the turn is over and the next person can try their luck. In tricky situations, the players can also use one of their four magic potions that can be used once, for example to secretly look at two tiles. Depending on the difficulty of the mission, the number of reward crystals that bring in completed missions varies. Whoever has the most crystals at the end of the game wins the game.

Memo Mission takes two to four players aged six and up on a 15 to 20 minute adventure, during which they experience fantastic stories. The creativity of the players is required, because the motifs illustrated by Anne Pätzke invite them to come up with an exciting story for each mission. In addition to 26 missions, Memo Mission also contains eleven blank mission cards and a sticker sheet. This allows the players themselves to become creative or game designers and think up and create their own missions of different levels of difficulty and finally use them in the game.

Memo Mission was developed by the author duo Christopher Garbe and Patrick Russell. As a high school teacher and curative teacher in a KiTa, the two were able to try out their first work not only with their own families, but also at work before they finally presented it at the Pegasus Designer Days 2020, where it was able to convince the editorial team.

Memo Mission is now available at an RRP of EUR 22,99.

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