It's no secret that Sony's Playstation has proven to be a bestseller time and time again. For generations, the game console has turned out to be a top seller, the versions of which have gone over the counters around the world millions of times. Now the Guinness world record was finally due, which Sony got officially certified. The company recently announced this.

Sony sold an impressive 450 million units of the various Playstation variants - and that on November 7th. The Playstation is officially the best-selling console of all time. Sony has now announced the good news via the official Twitter account of the PS franchise, including a photo of the handover of the certificate.

Record: 450 million Playstation consoles sold

Just in time for the Playstation's 25th birthday, Sony Interactive Entertainment can officially present itself as the record holder. The merit for the games industry is great in view of the strong sales figures: Over 450 million Playstation consoles sold show how big the PS fan base is - and how well the franchise seems to be received overall. 

The anniversary falls exactly on December 3rd: Exactly 25 years ago, on December 3rd, 1994, the original version of the Playstation appeared in Japan. A year later, fans should start playing in other parts of the world. The topic is as present as ever: the new edition of the Playstation franchise will not be long in coming. Fans eagerly wait for them Release of the Playstation 5which will then probably also sell in the millions.

Fans are eagerly awaiting new information about the Playstation 5. Sony has so far been rather passive and is economical with news - even during the Playstation Awards:

Information about the Playstation 5 is definitely expected for the coming year. Perhaps there will also be one or the other surprise during the anniversary week that Sony will now celebrate on the occasion of the Playstation birthday. Even if no prospect of the future of the next-gen variant is dared, a look back at the history of the home console should be safe. 

Jim Ryan, President of Sony Interactive Entertainment is glad on the years of success of the Playstation and thanks the fans. Accordingly, the original Playstation was sold around 100.000 times on the first day. In addition, the Playstation was the first console from which a total of 100 million units could be sold worldwide.

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