May the fourth: Every year, May 4th is all about Star Wars - this year is no different. Even the global coronavirus pandemic cannot change that. The program on Star Wars Day is mixed: the familiar meets the tried and tested. And there are even some surprises and they come - you could almost have guessed it - directly from Disney. 

Every year on May 4th, Star Wars Day takes place worldwide as an unofficial holiday for fans of George Lucas' sci-fantasy epic. This year is even a very special one, because the action day celebrates its tenth anniversary in 2021. Star Wars Day was celebrated for the first time in 2011 and has been a fixed day on fans' calendars ever since. Various campaigns take place around the world and there are suitable shopping offers. In the past few years, Star Wars Day has been more or less uniform. It's different this time: Disney, of all people, has a few surprises in store, which are mainly about Disney plus subscribers will be happy.

Disney + beckons with surprises

The surprise blockbuster of 1977 has now grown into a gigantic universe rich in stories, products, exhibitions and much more, the dimensions of which go far beyond the nine films of the Skywalker saga. And more than 40 years after the first part of George Lucas' successful Star Wars series hit the cinema screens and exactly 50 years after he founded his studio Lucasfilm, this space saga continues to captivate fans worldwide. Millions of viewers and numerous new fans were also enthusiastic about the new trilogy, the independent Star Wars story films and the successful "Disney+ Originals".

The stories of young heroes who bravely stand against the ruling empire with an iron hand and plunge into the greatest adventure of their lives are not only shaped by friendship, great challenges and epic space battles - they are still among the greatest today Cult phenomena of pop culture and connect entire generations.

“May the force be with you” - this sentence with absolute cult status has been a symbol of the galactic epic about Darth Vader, Yoda, Luke Skywalker, Han Solo and Chewbacca since 1977 all over the world.

While it was originally used as a July 4th greeting in the United States, it was dated back to May 4th the following year when a full-page ad appeared in the May 4th 1979 issue of the London Evening News to address British Prime Minister Margaret To congratulate Thatcher on taking office that day: “May the Fourth Be With You, Maggie. Congratulations! ".

On May 4th, Disney+ is releasing a brand new original series: Star Wars: The Bad Batch. The series follows the Bad Batch elite squad of experimental clones first introduced in The Clone Wars: the clones of Clone Unit 99 must navigate a rapidly changing galaxy. The members of the Bad Batch are made up as a unique squad of clones genetically distinct from their brethren in the clone army. Each possesses a unique, extraordinary ability that makes them exceptionally effective soldiers and a formidable group.

There will also be other surprises, namely a unique Star Wars short film by The Simpsons and several themed cinema experiences celebrating the "galaxy far, far away". A true first in content, Disney+ is showing Maggie Simpson in The Force Awakens, a new Star Wars-inspired short film from The Simpsons, starring characters from the Star Wars galaxy, in the fictional city of Springfield brings.

But it gets even better: The new "The Simpsons" short is the first of several short films Disney + will release later this year to honor the platform's most important brands and titles. This has not been officially confirmed, but Marvel and Disney's animated films will probably also have to serve as themes.

It shouldn't have been on Disney + on this year's Star Wars Day: To celebrate the creativity and artistry of the Star Wars community, Lucasfilm and Disney + commissioned original works of art that will take over the homepage of the streaming service for several days - likewise a first for the platform. A global group of artists and Star Wars fans have created illustrations for a selection of Star Wars films and originals and brought them to life in their own style. The artwork will be on view on the Disney + Star Wars homepage through May 9th.

And then there are other cinematic gems on the subject of Star Wars: Star Wars biomes and Star Wars sightseeing flights. So fans embark on a virtual vacation trip to some of the films' most famous and beloved locations - such as Hoth, Tatooine and Sorgan.

Toys, nibbles, Star Wars wear

This year, too, numerous new Star Wars product highlights will make fans' hearts beat faster. In particular, the brand new Lego Star Wars Darth Vader and Scout Trooper helmets are a must for all collectors. In addition, Hasbro is shortening the wait for season three for fans with the Mandalorian's Electronic Helmet from the acclaimed Disney + series. The new series of novels Star Wars - The High Republic of Panini also allows new fans in particular to participate in the heroic deeds of young Jedi knights and padawans.

But other manufacturers such as Funko or Disney bring an extensive variety of products on the various Star Wars themes onto the market, from figures and playsets to clothing. For the first time ever, products will be sent directly from Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge, a themed area in Disneyland Park, from the planet Batuu and are only available for a limited time online in the Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge outpost at! Also for a limited period of 24 hours, the new collection key for Star Wars will be available on from May 4th, 9 a.m. Other exclusive offers and a 20 percent discount on selected Lego items round off the Star Wars week on

There are also offers for fans of model making, including at Revell: Under the motto "I am Your Father's Day", Revell is giving all Star Warriors fans a 20 percent discount on twelve selected products from the Star Wars range, including icons such as the " fastest junk pile in the galaxy ”, the Millennium Falcon, or the X-Wing Fighter, the hunter of the Rebel Alliance. By the way, this promotion is already running. Information on "I am Your Father's Day" has been available since April 26th at

The Stan Smith Sta rWars shoes come from Adidas and cost 120 euros. Photo: Adidas

The Stan Smith Sta rWars shoes come from Adidas and cost 120 euros. Photo: Adidas

Leibniz is also going to a distant galaxy this year and is expanding its range with two new Star Wars products. Thanks to the new special edition with cookies inspired by Star Wars characters, fans can enjoy the cookies in the form of the characters Chewbacca, Darth Vader, Yoda and more.

Inspired by the wisest figure in the galaxy, Master Yoda, another hero in terms of style and sustainability appears with the new Stan Smith sneaker from Adidas, which is equipped with a Primegreen upper made from 50 percent recycled material - available since May 1st at

Star Wars Day 2021 is more classic for gamers: There are the usual offers and discounts on Star Wars video games, board gamers can snap up one or the other themed bargain. However, there are no big surprises - perhaps with one exception. Around the unofficial holiday, Electronic Arts had announced that it would be the successful action adventure game Star Wars: Jedi Fallen Order upgrade versions for Playstation 5 and Xbox Series X | S will be released. It should be ready in summer.

Especially players who still lack the old titles in their collection benefit from the offers: For example, Star Wars games are discounted between 50 and 75 percent on Valve's platform Steam, Star Wars - Knights of the Old Republic is available for around 2,90 euros, the successor too. Is recommended

Otherwise, on May 4th, it is of course a good idea to make the day as "Star Wars" as possible, i.e. unpack suitable board and card games or pass the time with some classics of video game history, such as Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic or Rebel Assault.

Role-playing collectors, on the other hand, are happy about the new Black Series helmet for The Mandalorian series, which Hasbro has launched. Featuring a detailed design inspired by The Mandalorian series, interior padding and an adjustable fit, the full-scale helmet is a galactic addition to the home Star Wars collection. The highlight: the helmet is primarily a collector's item, but it can actually be worn. The electronic helmet has a detachable flashlight as well as internal red lights that can be activated while the helmet is on the head.

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