Today I will tell you stories from the dark forest. These stories are actually told by mystical mice, because Tales from the Dark Forest is the current expansion for the fantastic board game Mouse and Mysticism. Not only children have fun with this title. Thanks to the exciting game system that supports one to four players, Maus und Mystik is also an entertaining board game for adults and is aimed at lovers of 2-player board games, among others.

Stories from the Dark Forest

The basic game Mouse and mysticism was already an absolute board game highlight and excited adults and children alike. After the first expansion Heart of the Glürm now follows stories from the dark forest. A completely new story book expands the game with exciting adventures that pose a number of challenges for both beginners and veterans.

The dark forest naturally plays a central role and not only gives it its name, it also adds a dynamic game element to the mouse and mysticism: laying out tree cards that grow into a play area in the course of the game. Day and night now influence your actions and make survival against creepy creatures a little more difficult.

Purpose of the game: Find a new home for the ancient oak. Prince Collin and his brave companions can look forward to a number of challenging tasks again.

The figures are beautiful and can be painted, which is a successful added value, especially for adults who are gifted with brushes. This fantasy board game for adults and children is colorful as usual and designed with such attention to detail that the look alone motivates further games. Especially the giant snake Hesstia, which is up to mischief in the dark forest, creates enormous tension. The expansion Tales from the Dark Forest comes with a much darker atmosphere than the previous versions. The game is still playable for children, but creates a little more sinister atmosphere at the board game table. Parents should keep this in mind when playing.

Mouse and Mysticism: Tales from the Dark Forest
Mouse and Mysticism: Tales from the Dark Forest

The 10 new chapters of the story challenge the imagination of the fellow players to top performance and adults should make an effort to fully follow the loving stories. Children find it much easier to empathize with fantasy stories. Even if Stories from the Dark Forest falling back on fantastic narratives, seriousness is an integral part of the new capital. An adult is an extremely helpful partner for pure children's games to provide support with explanations and an understanding of the rules. This fact already shows that even pure adult groups can play excellently with the expansion - provided there is enough imagination and the will to empathize with the stories.

And if you haven't had enough of the mice yet ... a hint reveals that more adventures will follow. 

The extension Mouse and Mysticism: Tales from the Dark Forest is aimed at players of all ages who love imaginative stories and are not afraid to look at the game world through children's eyes. The look and workmanship are just as excellent as the new play elements. If you already own the basic game, you shouldn't miss the expansion. Everyone else shouldn't miss the Maus und Mystik anyway.

A clear recommendation as a fantasy board game for adults and children as well as a fantasy board game for 2 players.