Mattel's Barbie doll brand launches its first podcast, titled When I Grow Up... According to the toy manufacturer, Barbie is working to close the so-called “Dream Gap”.

Barbie Fashionistas dolls offer a variety of skin tones, eye colors, hair colors and textures, body types and styles. This variety on offer is designed to help children find a doll they can identify with. Since 2015, Barbie has introduced more than 175 different looks, including dolls with physical disabilities, such as a Barbie in a wheelchair.

Stereotypes from a young age

By the age of five, girls begin to believe less in themselves. They no longer believe that their gender can do or be anything. This is known as the Dream Gap - Barbie is working to close this gap. Research shows that from a very young age, children pick up on cultural stereotypes that suggest women are not as smart as men.

These stereotypes are often perpetuated by the media and adults subtly reinforcing them. As a brand that has always been at the heart of empowering girls, Barbie created the Dream Gap Project - a multi-year global initiative aiming to provide girls with the tools and support to continue believing in that they can be anything.

The first episode of Barbie's new podcast "When I grow up..." will be released today. The 6-part series each includes a 15-minute interview in which young girls are allowed to ask any number of questions to inspiring and successful women, who in their unusual professions are often considered pioneers in male-dominated industries - without taboos. The interview series will appear every Monday for the next six weeks on Apple and Spotify. The exciting women who actively answer the girls' questions include Tijen Onaran, CEO of the consulting and networking company Global Digital Women, author and activist Louisa Dellert, and doctor Dr. Elena Mullner.

The successful interview partners act as role models for girls around the world and encourage them to follow the path they really want to follow. The format supports the aid organization BILD hilft e. V. "Ein Herz für Kinder", which supports children and families in need worldwide, and the program "We strengthen girls" of the DKJS (German Children and Youth Foundation), which promotes the examination of gender-atypical job profiles and skills for a self-determined future with equal opportunities .

When I Grow Up... is a Barbie podcast, endorsed by Nickelodeon and produced by With Pleasure.


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