Publisher Kalypso Media announces that developer Torus Games' immersive tennis simulation game Matchpoint - Tennis Championships will be available on day one for console, PC and cloud with Xbox Game Pass on July 7 release. Kalypso Media is pleased to announce the deal with Microsoft for the successful subscription service.

Simon Hellwig, owner and CEO of Kalypso Media, says: "We are very pleased that Matchpoint - Tennis Championships will already be available for Xbox Game Pass customers with Windows PC, Xbox One and Xbox Series X for the official release date on July 7th, 2022 |S consoles and we can bring our new tennis franchise to so many players around the world."

Virtual tennis action in 65 tournaments in 26 stadiums

Thanks to the authentic gameplay and the realistic implementation, the modern tennis simulator offers an exciting and dynamic gaming experience. If you want to prove yourself on the tennis court, you can compete against other players and swing the racket in 65 tournaments in 26 stadiums. At release, 16 licensed tennis stars will be available.


  • The entry into the world of professional tennis: Matchpoint – Tennis Championships offers an extensive career mode with a unique performance-based ranking system.
  • Create your own 3D tennis star: Players can customize their own tennis star's appearance, tennis outfit and playing style (e.g. left-handed or right-handed, single-handed or double-sided backhand).
  • Dominance on court as tennis pros: Matchpoint – Tennis Championships features 16 international tennis stars from the professional tournament scene such as Nick Kyrgios, Kei Nishikori and Amanda Anisimova.
  • Individual customization options for equipment and clothing: Whether rackets, shoes or clothing, Matchpoint - Tennis Championships offers a large selection of well-known tennis brands such as Babolat, YONAX, HEAD and many more. Additionally, unique gear can be unlocked by winning competitive matches.
  • Mastering all types of punches and punching techniques: Top spin, flat, lob or slice shots - your tactical decision determines the outcome of the rally.
  • Local or Online Matches: Players can expect challenging AI opponents and exciting tennis duels against their friends and rivals
  • Analysis of opponent's moves and tactics: Players can watch their opponents closely in advance to see their strengths and weaknesses and gain a tactical advantage.
  • The innovative coaching system: Regardless of whether you want to develop strengths or eliminate weaknesses, each of the available tennis coaches places a special focus on specific skills and improves them through selected training modules.
  • Perfect your own tactics in practice mode and in mini-games: In practice mode and various mini-games, players can practice Serve & Volley, Baseliner, Serve, Volleys, Crosses & Drives, Longline & Cross and many more common tennis tactics.
  • Exhibition matches at world-renowned venues around the globe: No two tennis courts are the same - adapting to the characteristics of the different court surfaces such as grass, clay and hard courts are a must
  • Capture match highlights forever: Whether breakball or the decisive point in a match, the hardest rallies can be captured on camera.

Matchpoint – Tennis Championships will be released on July 7th, 2022 from day 1 for console, PC and cloud with Xbox Game Pass and other platforms. A trailer shows the action on the pitch:


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