The French publisher Matagot is planning to release a board game based on Peter Pan this year. The title should cost around 50 US dollars. The focus of the concept is a cooperative gameplay based on deductive elements. 

Peter Pan, the boy who never grows up, is the model for a cooperative board game by the French publisher Matagot (including Okanagan, Takenoko, Aeon's End). He is not alone: ​​He is accompanied by Wendy, Tinker Bell, Tiger Lily and Wendy's brothers John and Michael. Neverland as a fictional island represents the location of the gameplay. Players must work together to search for missing children. Marc Paquien (formerly Yamatai, Treasure Island) came up with the title. 

Race against pirates

Of course, Captain Hook acts as an opponent. He's the one who shouldn't reach the kids first. Two to five players take on the roles of the different characters as the Peter Pan stories - each equipped with a unique skill that can help determine the whereabouts of the children. "Investigate" is the right term for the board game based on Peter Pan: At its core, it's about analyzing information - Marc Paquien's idea is therefore based on elements of deductive logic. 

The trick here is that each player hides a child before the start of the game. Only then does information have to be exchanged step by step in order to discover the locations of the children but not those of the pirates. Clues are given by cards - so others can guess how close you are to success. Use the hints to move around the island to uncover the correct areas. The players win together if they were able to find the children. 

However, if two pirates accidentally reveal themselves during the game, the game is lost. Peter Pan by Matagot is a family board game with a playing time of around 45 to 60 minutes. The publisher specifies ten years as the starting age. A randomly determined game board structure and new rules ensure variance. The level of difficulty should also be adjustable through details. The board game is based on the short stories by JM Barrie, who invented the literary character Peter Pan. 

Matagto's Peter Pan is due to be released later this year. So far it is unclear when exactly the board game will be launched. 

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