Mass Effect comes out as a remaster. As Bioware has now officially announced, the parts of the Mass Effect trilogy with the subtitle “Legendary Edition” appear in revised versions. The developers themselves state that they want to modernize Mass Effect so that “players and fans can experience the original in its best possible form”. Bioware specifies spring 2021 as the release date for the Mass Effect: Legendary Edition.

“Happy N7 Day!” Says Bioware and without further ado announces the remaster version of the Mass Effect trilogy. This is official now, but no longer surprising. There have been rumors of this kind for a long time, and the evidence had only intensified yesterday. So be it: Bioware wants to polish up the parts of Mass Effect so that fans can play the games again in a modern guise.

Mass Effect: Remaster optimized for 4K

The parts of the Mass Effect series were great games anyway, now the trilogy is being lifted to a new level, especially visually. But: The new versions will not be complete remakes, but as a remaster "only" ensure a gaming experience in the best possible form.

"As game developers, we always hope that our games outperform their original platforms," ​​says Bioware boss Casey Hudson. With the remaster you now have the opportunity to let the fruits of decades of work live on, better than ever before. Mass Effect: Legendary Edition will especially notice this visually. The games should be optimized for 4K Ultra HD. In terms of content, there is the all-round carefree package: All basic content as well as the DLCs from Mass Effect, Mass Effect 2 and Mass Effect 3 - then including promotional equipment.

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Rumors of a Mass Effect remaster have been around since late spring. It was publisher Electronic Arts who made the rumor mill simmer when it was announced that it would publish another “HD title” by March 2021. More clues surfaced in October, followed by tweets from voice actors involved in the Mass Effect series at the end of the month. And then it was again publisher EA who threw the remaster of an “EA Original Title” into the race for the 2021 financial year. Now all rumors have actually come true.

The Mass Effect: Legendary Edition is expected to be released in spring 2021. Bioware plans to provide further information next year.


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