The new year is shining with some promising projects. One of them is the Marvel's Avengers video game, which Square Enix plans to launch in May 2020. This makes the superhero game one of those PC and console titles for which the release date is already known. Even if fans longingly look forward to the game, Marvel's Avengers is not completely free of criticism about half a year before the release. We have summarized the previously known information about the video game Marvel's Avengers.

2020 could be a terrific year for gamers. Almost every well-known publisher has big brands ready, Microsoft and Sony bring out the next generation of consoles: the Playstation 5 and the new Xbox. And Nintendo also has big plans and has new games ready for market entry, including the new version of Animal Crossing for Nintendo Switch. 
For Square Enix' Marvel's Avengers, the next-generation consoles will be launched far too late in 2020 - the superhero video game is scheduled to be released before the summer months, on May 15, 2020 to be precise. 

Brave: Iron Man and Captain America are just accessories

Overall, Marvel's Avengers will have to assert itself playfully, despite the powerful license. Especially since the video game created a lot of confusion long before it was released. The title first made a name for itself in early 2017, when it became known that Eidos Montreal and Crystal Dynamics were working on an Avengers project. After that it became quiet about the title.

The expectations of the fans were already high at this point, after all, the studio cooperation was about every duo that was already responsible for the reboot of the Tom Raider series as well as for Deus Ex.

First the party, then the terrorist attack: the Avengers are surprised. Image: Square Enix (Youtube)

First the party, then the terrorist attack: the Avengers are surprised. Image: Square Enix (Youtube)

Developers and publishers were stingy with information for many months, it wasn't until 2019 that the game was officially revealed. Only then was the video game's official title known: Marvel's Avengers. First impressions were presented at E3 2019. Those who had seen the presentations at E3 spoke of a more straightforward, mission-driven superhero game that centered on the main Avengers characters. It wasn't until months later that it became clear how wrong this assumption would be.

As early as E3 2019, critical voices regarding the chosen style were raised. The Avengers got a "makeover" that not every fan liked right away. Square Enix has insisted on keeping the game's basic style - but recent trailers and screenshots show that at least minor adjustments, such as some heroes' hairstyles, have been made. 

The well-known superhero quartet will also be playable - but overall it's more of an accessory. Image: Square Enix (Youtube)

Surprise: The well-known superhero quartet will also be playable - but overall it's more of an accessory. Image: Square Enix (Youtube)

Fans then had to get up to Gamescom 2019 be patient in Cologne in order to gain deeper insights into the basic gameplay, but also the story background. And it was to hit many of them like a blow from Thor's hammer.

Marvel's Avengers: Kamala Khan as the main character

Gamescom made it clear what Marvel's Avengers is about, but above all what it won't be about. The popular main characters, such as Iron Man, Captain America, Black Widow or Hulk - all of whom were seen as protagonists in the previous trailers - are more of a decorative accessory in Square Enix's superhero game. A bombshell burst: the mightiest heroes on earth only play a minor role - at least in gameplay.

Instead, the focus is on Kamala Khan, the first official Muslim superhero. Khan is the second Ms. Marvel and has previously appeared in comics, among other things. A series is also planned for the new streaming channel Disney +, which Kamala Khan will present as part of Disney's Marvel Cinematic Universe. The trick is brave, but not rash: Since its official introduction, Kamala Khan has established herself as a popular superhero in fan circles.  

A trailer from the New York Comic Convention shows what fans can look forward to:

Regarding the story of Marvel's Avengers, the heroine fits perfectly into the picture. The alternative Inhumans storyline focuses on genetically modified earthlings with superhumans - Kamale Kahn is one of them. For example, she can increase her strength or enlarge body parts. The enemy part is taken over by Hive, an ancient and powerful "Inhuman" for whose return the organization HYDRA was founded. In Marvel's Avengers it's now up to Kamala Khan - and thus up to the player - to reunite the quarreling Avengers.  

The highlight: Players will not only play Kamala Khan, but will also slip into the roles of other superheroes. The story, which probably has several strands, offers the ideal foundation for this. Every superhero should play differently and naturally have its own set of superpowers.

This will probably also be a mix of different gameplay sequences, such as flight missions (Iron Man), close combat (Hulk) or stealth missions (Black Widow). Since not all heroes available in the game are known by a long way, further game elements are conceivable that could approximate the feel of a Batman Arkham overall.

Marvel's Avengers: Much Remains a Secret

Square Enix remains silent about the line-up of superheroes - especially when it comes to playable characters. So far it has been confirmed that the following superheroes will actually be playable:

  • Thor
  • Hulk
  • Iron Man
  • Captain America
  • Ms. Marvel
  • Black Widow
  • Ant-Man

Initial information was also available about Hawk Eye. Square Enix hinted at the hero as a playable character. Hawk Eye is officially listed as a playable superhero, instead fans should be surprised and wait for further announcements.

Taskmaster, who can copy other fighting styles, is also known to be part of Marvel's Avengers, as is Emil "Abomination" Blonsky. Whether these characters will actually be playable is unknown.

Because Square Enix is ​​launching Marvel's Avengers under the motto Games-as-a-service, it can be assumed that more characters will find their way into the game over time - presumably as story DLC or character packs which missions could then be played again. Cosmetic adjustments are also implemented in the course of a season. 

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Even if it has so far made the impression: Marvel's Avengers will not be a pure solo game. The title should contain both single and multiplayer modes and it should also be able to be played online and offline. 

Marvel's Avengers will be released on May 15, 2020 for PC, Playstation 4 and Microsoft Xbox One as well as for Google Stadia. The game can already be pre-ordered.

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