Marvel Zombies - A Zombicide Game is a hugely successful crowdfunding campaign for CMON: the latest installment in the Zombicide series is also the most financially successful on Kickstarter. The licensed miniature board game has meanwhile flushed well over five million euros into the coffers. However, an end is in sight, because the campaign only runs until February 4th.

Marvel Zombies has generated the highest Kickstarter total of any Zombicide title to date: around $5,7 million so far and the last remaining days could increase the amount even further. No other game from the Zombicide universe had done that before – even if “Green Horde” was at least able to break the five million mark as well. More than 27.000 "backers" brought this total in 2017, with Marvel Zombies there are currently just over 20.000.

Marvel Zombies: Expensive full equipment

The cost of the complete package is as high as the sum invested via Kickstarter: Zombicide fans or Marvel fans - or both - who want the full equipment pay over 650 US dollars for it. However, shipping costs for the kilo-heavy package are not included. Zombicide has never been a particularly cheap treat before, but with the Marvel-based miniature board game, CMON shoots the spider off the house wall. Compared to the price development of the Zombicide titles, the amount of financing for the debut seems almost ridiculous: CMON was able to generate around 780.000 US dollars at the time to realize the board game in this way. One had planned with 20.000 US dollars, today it is 500.000 US dollars as the minimum amount.

The success of this offshoot of all things comes as no surprise: With the Marvel license, CMON has grabbed one of the trend brands of recent years to knit a board game out of it. Hundreds of heroes and villains in miniature form are included in the package, which despite the high price comes at a comparatively moderate price per figure: a miniature costs around 2,50 US dollars, excluding taxes and shipping.

After the start of the campaign, the majority of fans grabbed the most expensive Galactus pledge. In the meantime, the distribution has evened out: most players now prefer the $240 Resistance Pledge without the plastic statue. However, the lead is extremely narrow with 6.831 to 6.363 supporters. Until the end of Marvel Zombies – A Zombicide Game Kickstarter Campaign on February 4th this can change again.

From a purely playful point of view, Marvel Zombies doesn't reinvent the series - but the board game doesn't have to do that either. If you like Zombicie, you'll probably like Marvel Zombies too, possibly even more so thanks to the license bonus. So is the game worth its high price? That depends on how much you are a fan of one or both brands and also on how much money you are willing to invest in a board game.

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