The board game Marvel Zombies appears in stores in a German version. Zombicide and Asmodee – players have known this combination for a long time. Now it's clear. CMON's latest work Marvel Zombies - A Zombicide Game will also be available in stores in a localized version, albeit without Kickstarter exclusivities.

With Marvel Zombies, CMON recently realized an extensive and high-priced crossover on Kickstarter: the entertaining zombie action board game Zombicide meets the powerful comic license from Marvel - and of course their superheroes, partly in an undead form.

Marvel Zombies: German, but without "Exclusives"

Asmodee Germany had previously distributed Zombicide titles in this country in localized versions, whether that would also apply to Marvel Zombies, which is not yet clear. In the meantime, Esserner Vertriebs has let the zombie out of the bag: through a cooperation between Asmodee and CMON, the cooperative board game appears in German.

However, it will still be some time before that happens: the title should appear as a retail version in 2024. This means: "Kickstarter exclusive components will not be included in the retail version," Asmodee clarifies.

The Essen distributor describes the title as follows: Marvel Zombies is a cooperative board game for one to six players, based on the core mechanics of the successful Zombicide series and bringing non-stop zombie action to the Marvel universe. Comic book legend Marco Checchetto's art is brought to life in extraordinary mini-doll figures that depict iconic Marvel characters in glorious (and often gory) detail. Fight the insatiable hunger, because heroes never die, they only change.

The waiver of the exclusive crowdfunding content will probably not bother those players who have refrained from supporting the Kickstarter campaign anyway, possibly for cost reasons. CMON asked for at least 130 US dollars without shipping and taxes, but in many cases fans have invested significantly more. Around 29.000 supporters generated just over nine million US dollars as part of the crowdfunding, for CMON this was a historic success.

In any case, the oversized Galactus statue will not be part of the commercial version, and buyers of the "slimmed down" version will have to do without some heroes or villains that CMON has packed into the campaign as an exclusive goodie.

The fact that Asmodee Germany is now going to sell the cooperative board game Marvel Zombies is interesting from a price point of view, after all there are no high shipping costs and additional taxes. Where the game ultimately sits in terms of cost is unclear. Fans have to be patient.

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