When CMON launched the Marvel Zombies license release as crowdfunding, there was great surprise at the price: the publisher asked for more than 600 US dollars for the full equipment. Now it is clear: The board game will cost a fraction of this price in stores. 

The crowdfunding campaign for Marvel Zombies, a new Zombicide board game based on the popular comic book license, was a great success for CMON: the publisher had raised over US$XNUMX million in funds from the supporters. 

Marvel Zombies at a bargain price

For a little over 600 US dollars - plus shipping and taxes - you get a lot in return for the Kickstarter campaign: Two basic boxes with two different theme modes, countless miniatures and expansions, plus exclusive figures. Whether a player is worth the high price? That could be the case for fans – as part of crowdfunding, around 6.200 of the almost 29.000 supporters opted for the all-round carefree package for Marvel Zombies. 

It had long been clear that the board game would make it onto the market. Now the price is also known, because you can already buy the board game in the United States, among other places. For example, Amazon is calling $34,99 for Marvel Zombies – Heroes' Resistance. In addition, there is around 14 US dollars for shipping to Germany. The name of the game makes it clear: it is a retail version. The board game for one to four players is correspondingly slimmed down. 

There are apparently ten miniatures, as players report. There are also eight missions - it is unclear so far whether these were also part of the crowdfunding or whether they were tasks specially developed for the commercial version. Five of the miniatures are also included in the Kickstarter version - but represented there with other "exclusive" models. Such as Winter Soldier or Wasp.

Some fans are annoyed about this "trick" by CMON, but with hundreds of miniatures five differently designed figures for the retail version should be bearable. They remain exclusive, albeit purely visually. 

For those who decided against the Kickstarter version, the retail base game is now a chance to buy the board game at a reasonable price. In this case, fans have to do without tons of miniatures: the zombies come as standees. 

"Marvel Zombies: Heroes' Resistance is a cooperative game in which 1 to 4 players control the last surviving superheroes fighting against zombie heroes and zombie hordes," says toy maker Spin Master about the board game. This ultimately stems from a collaboration between Marvel, Guillotine Games and CMON. Marvel Zombies: Heroes' Resistance is written by Michael Shinall and Fábio Cury from an original design by Guiton, Lullien & Raoult with illustrations by Marco Checchetto and Henning Ludvigsen.

Asmodee Germany had already confirmed in spring that a German version of Marvel Zombies would be launched. However, the board game will not appear until 2024, at least according to Asmodee's currently communicated plan. The game lasts about an hour per game and is aimed at young people and adults - the recommended age is 14 and over.

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