Marvel Zombies - A Zombicide Game flushes a lot of money into the crowdfunding coffers at CMON, the targeted financing goal has long been exceeded many times over. The plan to mix two popular licenses seems to have worked. The Kickstarter campaign already has almost 16.000 supporters, but some players are hesitant given the high entry price. 

Mix Marvel and Zombicide and you get -- lots of money, at least. The publisher CMON is not necessarily known for a passive handling of licenses. On the contrary: In the meantime, board games that take on more successful topics from pop culture, for example, appear regularly cyberpunk 2077 or recently again the Marvel Universe.

Marvel Zombies: Like Marvel, only with zombies

When the Kickstarter campaign was launched, CMON's marketing machinery was already up and running. Pictures of the gigantic Galactus statue have been circulating on social media for weeks. Many influencers could hardly contain their joy at the heavy plastic figure. It is now clear that the intrusive advertising has paid off for CMON and the crowdfunding for Marvel Zombies: supporters have already poured around three and a half million euros into the coffers. It's running Campaign for Marvel Zombies - A Zombicide Game until February 4th.

You know Marvel, Zombicide as a halfway informed board player probably also – what's new about the current offshoot? Except for the license issue actually nothing. Still, funding is sprinting from one goal to the next at a rate that might surprise even Quicksilver. The reason? Probably the weird combination of zombies and superheroes - at least it can't be the price of the game.

CMON is calling at least $130 excluding tax and shipping as a proud price for Marvel Zombies. If you also want "the last living superheroes" and a hero mode, you pay around twice as much. The game manufacturer even lets the Galaktus statue pay just over 400 US dollars. One might think that no board gamer with any sense would pay for that. The pledge distribution speaks a clear language: from around 16.000 supporters, around 6.100 have taken the "Galactus Pledge" and contributed the maximum amount - that's around 38 percent. On the other hand, only about 1.600 players want the pure Undead Pledge from CMON's Ramschecke.

The discussion about whether board games are actually a luxury hobby or not should probably be off the table.

The fact that CMON's Kickstarter campaigns always go well is due to the enormous professionalism with which the publisher now acts in the crowdfunding area. Tackling through the campaign content takes many minutes, undecided players are repeatedly informed about exclusivities - don't miss anything, that's the motto. The concept has had success, with Marvel Zombies, but also in the past.

In any case, the fans are treated to it, the "normal player" will shake his head at the proud sums. After all, material quality often ends up on the table with CMON, but not every title is convincing in terms of gameplay. With the umpteenth modification of Zombicide, many players in forums or social media are currently wondering whether they still need it. The Kickstarter campaign once again provides an impressive answer: the stuff is popular in the scene. Playfully, Zombicide is shallow, the immediate fun is the focus - the board game delivers what is expected: fast, uncomplicated monster battles.

In the end it's simple: you have to want to treat yourself - and you have to be able to treat yourself.

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