The miniatures forge CMON started the crowdfunding campaign for Marvel United: X-Men on April 14th, and a short time later the project on Kickstarter had already reached the limit of one million euros. Co-author Eric M. Lang commented on the successful start of the campaign for the cooperative board game in a tweet: CMON had broken the million mark in four hours. Meanwhile, Marvel United: X-Men is moving towards the next milestone. 

The successful start is not really surprising: with the combination of CMON, Eric M. Lang, Marvel and X-Men, the financing is considered secure, the speed with which crowdfunding was able to exceed the million mark is still exciting - basically it delivers The title is a race with the title "Marvel United", which was previously funded via Kickstarter. With this, CMON was able to generate around 2,4 million euros. Asmodee implemented the German language version of the board game.

Marvel United: X-Men Evidence of Gateway Board Game Success

From the start, co-author Eric M. Lang reads above all the evidence that lifestyle gateway board games can also assert themselves successfully. In around four hours, Marvel United: X-Men had reached the million mark, and the title is now heading straight for the limit of 1,5 million euros - but that is unlikely to end by a long way. The crowdfunding campaign for Marvel United: X-Men is running on Kickstarter until May 6th - Fans have several weeks left to decide for or against a "pledge". The standard version of the board game costs around 55 euros, while the “Apocalypse Pledge”, which also includes the riders of the Apocalypse expansion, costs around 84 euros.

The cooperative board game is aimed at up to five players, but can also be played alone. CMON announced Marvel United: X-Men with a trailer last month. The predecessor of the spin-off title was able to significantly exceed the two million mark. The new variant also relies on well-known heroes and villains from the Marvel universe. The simple idea: players try as a team to distribute the main villain's plan.

This time there are heroes from the X-Men franchise, such as Wolverine, Jean Grey, Cyclops, Storm or Beast. Professor X is also a must. The players act together, combine their skills and thus increase their combat strength. The basic principle builds on that of the predecessor. Again, action cards laid out in a circle represent the "storyline". Players move to different locations and attack enemies. The most important thing is planning the order of play.

Also exciting: Anti-heroes such as Magneto can also be played by the team as heroes according to their nature - or they can be used as villains.

In addition to Eric M. Lang (Blood Rage, Rising Sun), Andrea Chiarvesio is responsible for the implementation of the board game. The latter was involved in Hyperborea and Kingsport Festival, among others. Both authors had previously worked together on Marvel United. CMON and Spin Master act as publishers. The board game should be delivered in May 2022.

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