CMON (formerly Cool, Mini or Not) has announced that the crowdfunding campaign for the hero tabletop "Marvel United" is about to start. The Miniature Game by Eric M. Lang and Andrea Chiarvesio relies on a cooperative concept and is aimed at 2 to 4 players. The highlight: A unique story should be able to be re-enacted with each structure.

After the card game Marvel Champions and the miniature title Marvel Crisis Protocol, a board game based on the powerful license is about to be released again. This time the game comes from CMON and must first be financed through a crowdfunding campaign via Kickstarter. Again, players slip into the roles of the popular Marvel heroes - fully cooperatively.

Marvel Unite: Kickstarter campaign is about to begin

The miniatures game Marvel United comes from Eric M. Lang and Andrea Chiarvesio and relies on the tried and tested basic concept of cooperative hero games: at least two players (maximum four) join forces to blow the nastiest villains in the universe out of them. Of course, innocent people are protected at the same time - and the world is saved by the way. So far, so well known.

The highlight of Marvel United should be that new stories in the Marvel universe can be experienced with every game. At least that's what CMON itself reveals as information about the miniatures game. What CMON actually wants to say is: The structure of the game is variable.

The course of the game adheres to tried and tested tricks: players choose their hero, who each has a unique set of skills and superpowers, symbolized by cards. The playable heroes will likely include Iron Man, Hulk, Black Widow and Captain Marvel - these can be seen on the preliminary design of the game box. In addition, players will have access to other heroes, presumably as pledge goals within the Kickstarter campaign.

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Once the heroes have been chosen, the players also have to choose locations where they want to play, such as Central Park or the Avengers Tower. Each of the locations has certain conditions. This is how variance is brought into the game structure.

Then you have to choose a villain against whom the players want to go into the field. Red Skull and Ultron are certain, at least one other opponent will be added via Kickstarter. The villains also have their own deck of cards.

Marvel United offers multi-level gameplay

If everything is prepared, you can start. The villain at Marvel United is not vulnerable from the start. Players must first defeat his minions, rescue civilians, or deal with other threats in the game locations. In this way they create the basis for an attack on the upper villain. The concept is well known, including from the cooperative miniatures game "The Reckoners".

The rogue moves around the field during his turn, placing threats or summoning minions. If the villain succeeds in implementing his "master plan", the game is lost. Players must therefore work together and cleverly combine skills in order to be able to eliminate the multitude of different threats in the game locations.

When exactly the funding campaign for Marvel United started Kickstarter CMON has not revealed. All that is known is that crowdfunding will start “soon”. Because more previews are to follow by then, fans will probably have to wait a little longer.

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