With the conclusion of Marvel's suspense-packed film Avengers: Endgame, a new phase of the Marvel Cinematic Universe begins: Eternals. Fans can look forward to new adventures from not entirely unknown superheroes. The Eternals first appeared in Jack Kirby's comic book from the Marvel Universe back in the 1970s. Fan of the Marvel films and director Chloe Zhao promises us great cinema. According to a "The Hollywood Reporter" interview, she measured herself against the film level of "Endgame" and her choice of cast also promises a highlight.

A look at Kirby's comic could already tell us what to expect in the new Marvel film "Eternals" from director and Marvel film fan Chloe Zhao: Millions of years ago, the aliens Celestials performed genetic experiments on humans, in which the Eternals emerged, human-like superheroes.

But the experiments had a downside: The Deviants, an evil version of the Eternals, also emerged. From now on, it was up to the public-shy Eternals to protect the world from the Deviants. Occasionally, when the task got too tough, the Avengers would jump in to help.

Marvel film Eternals with a top-class cast

The individual roles of the “Eternals” superhero team are played by some well-known figures from the film world. So we see Angelina Jolie as the warrior Thena, Barry Keoghan, known from Dunkirk, as Druig; Brian Tyree Henry as the inventive Phastos; Don Lee, who we know from Train to Busan, in the role of Gilgamesh; Kumail Nanjiani Kingo as a swordsman; Richard Madden, known from the series Game of Thrones, as Ikaris and his GoT set colleague Kit Harrington as Dane Whitman. We also meet Gemma Chan, who we already know from Captain Marvel, and actor Salma Heyek in the movie The Eternals.

With Eternals, Marvel is taking a step towards the LGBTQ + scene

In an interview with Italy's Vanity Fair, Gemma Chan confirmed that there are some romantic entanglements in the movie "Eternals" that will provide explosive and emotional effects. Additionally, it was revealed in a NewNowNext interview that for the first time in MCU history, a gay couple will be appearing on the big screen. So Phastos have a loving husband.

"NewNowNext" stands for the latest news from the LGBT scene. This news about "Eternals" should not only please fans of Marvel films, but also be a big step for the LGBTQ + movement. Which, let's be honest, was long overdue.

The theatrical release of "Eternals" was originally supposed to be in November 2020, but due to the current corona pandemic it had to be postponed to the beginning of November 2021.

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