Dice Throne from 2018 appears as a superhero dice game thanks to the Marvel license. Roxley Games has brought the corresponding Kickstarter launch behind them and the chances for the financing seem to be good. Over 5.000 supporters are already taking part, and shortly after the campaign started, it generated a multiple of the target amount of around 85.000 euros actually targeted.

If everything goes smoothly with the campaign, production and shipping, Marvel Dice Throne will be on the tables of supporters in June 2022. In view of the current situation, you have to keep your fingers crossed that it will work out on schedule. The licensed dice game seems to have taken the first hurdle with flying colors: the Kickstarter campaign is all set to be successful.

Marvel Dice Throne: Like the original, but with a license

As a fast dice game, the original from 2018 was mostly well received by the players. Some criticize the lack of depth, others praise the quick fun. Marvel Dice Throne is basically Dice Throne with a Marvel bonus: well-known heroes from the comic universe replace the fantasy characters on the template. Again there are two to six players who duel in the roughly 30-minute games - that's exactly what it's all about: fighting with dice.

You shouldn't ask about logic - the heroes just hit each other on the masks because they can. The great fun comes from the asymmetrical hero orientations. Every hero and heroine has a special set of skills that differ significantly - sometimes more, sometimes less. Much depends on chance and luck, but there is enough dynamism to be entertained. The original was well received and at the time closed a gap between the typical nightcap game and a full board game experience.

Marvel Dice Throne is not particularly cheap for fans in Germany - the license may make the game more attractive for some fans, but not easier to access. Shipping and taxes are added to the price of just over 70 euros. After all, there is a comprehensive set of equipment including a well thought-out box design and dice in the respective hero look. the Kickstarter campaign for Marvel Dice Throne is ongoing until November 15th.

Will Marvel Dice Throne appear in German like the original? Uncertain: Happyshops had implemented the predecessor locally in the game forge of the game offensive. Judging by the success of crowdfunding, this could again be a possibility, provided there are no restrictions on licensing considerations. At least they seem to have their hands on a German-language implementation, that came out of a stream.


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