Marvel Champion: The Card Game will be a lot more challenging. A good time to bring the card game back off the shelf, because: The world needs heroes, probably more now than ever before. And so that the superhero LCG remains motivating in the long term, Fantasy Flight Games is adding a few new levels of difficulty: a graduated heroic mode and a mode for rookies.

Not everyone noticed, but it's real. All fans of the Living Card Games Marvel Champions: The Card Game can now choose to make their gaming experience more challenging - or simplify it if there is no real learning effect despite playing several times.

Difficulty level for Marvel Champions and Rookies

Fantasy Flight Games adds two new levels of difficulty to the LCG: Heroic and Rookie. These rule extensions do not come out of nowhere, but are based on feedback from the players themselves, according to the FFG.

From this it can be concluded that Marvel Champions: The Card Game has by no means been equally difficult for every gamer. While some of the superheroes complain about the lack of challenges, others moan that the level of difficulty is too high.

Living Card Game: It all begins with the "Core Box" for Marvel Champions: The Card Game. Photo: André Volkmann

Living Card Game: It all starts with the “Core Box” for Marvel Champions: The Card Game. Photo: André Volkmann

The authors are now adjusting the screws and give Marvel Champions: The Card Game a little fine-tuning. the Rookie-Mode is initially aimed at all those who celebrate quick successes or want to let the gameplay ripple in a relaxed manner. What you have to observe with regard to the rules is very simple: the opponent is already considered defeated as soon as players have beaten their life points down for the first time. The game then ends immediately, no further phases follow.

The Heroic-Mode is intended for the players who blindly dominate their deck and call for new challenges. The heroic mode increases the level of difficulty far beyond the already existing expert mode. Encounter cards that players have to draw in the opponent's phase provide the necessary extra motivation. The number? As many as players dare to - the level of difficulty can thus be gradually increased.

The heroic mode is divided into levels for this: on the first level players draw one more encounter card, on the second level two more encounter cards and so on. At heroic level 2, players draw a total of three encounter cards. This "plus X" concept can be adjusted upwards and is a comparatively simple rule trick, but with a noticeable effect on gameplay.

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Fantasy Flight Games released the new difficulty shortly after the announcement of the Incredible Hulk Hero Pack. The green giant with the incredible life supply (18 points) follows "Black Widow" and Doctor Strange".

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