The living card game Marvel Champions receives a new major expansion: Mutant Genesis. As Fantasy Flight Games announced on the announcement, fans will finally be able to welcome the X-Men. After all, the world needs heroes. It's supposed to start in the fall.

Fantasy Flight Games has successively expanded Marvel Champions with new hero packs, but also major content updates. Now they dare to take another big step and bring out an expansion that revolves around the X-Men. Finally, according to quite a few fans on social media.

New heroes and villains

With the two hero figures Shadowcat or Colossus you will go into battle at the start of “Mutant Genesis”, as the new expansion for Marvel Champions is called. Of course, new villains shouldn't be missing either: Sabretooth, Sentinel or Magneto have already been confirmed. According to Fantasy Flight Games, the expansion contains five scenarios that can be played either individually or as part of a campaign.

As usual, ready-made decks are included so you can get started right away. If you want, you can build individual decks from your card collection. “Mutant Genesis” heralds a new wave of hero packs. It is not known what will happen - at least with two exceptions: parallel to the release of the new Marvel Champions expansion, Fantasy Flight Games will release Cyclops and Phoenix separately.

Marvel Champion is a living card game about heroes and villains from the Marvel Universe. It can be played solo or cooperatively with up to four players. In addition to countless hero packages, four major campaign expansions have been released so far, most recently Sinister Motives.


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