From October 16, Nintendo fans can spin racing laps through the living room on their Switch at Mario Kart Live - Home Circuit. Augmented Reality combines the virtual with the real world: events in the game influence the driving behavior of the physical, remote-controlled karts. Nintendo has now released a new trailer that gives further impressions.

Attention Nintendo fans and house cats: From October 16, physical racing cars will whiz through the apartment. Mario Kart Live - Home Circuit is coupled with the Nintendo Switch. Up to four players at the same time can drive in different game modes over self-built routes.

Like Mario Kart, only with “real” racing cars

Instead of purely virtual karts, players steer physical, remote-controlled speedsters through the real world. Two sets are available from Mario Kart Live - Home Circuit: a kart with Mario or Luigi as the driver, plus four gates, two direction indicators and a USB charging cable for the racing car. The game software, on the other hand, costs nothing and can be downloaded from the Nintendo online shop. As soon as it is downloaded, it automatically synchronizes with the remote-controlled kart, the company informs.

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Just driving off is not the idea behind Mario Kart Live - Home Circuit. First of all, you have to build a route. For this purpose, fans place the four gates on the floor in their apartment and then steer the kart through one after the other. In this way you can determine the course of the route according to your own wishes. Many different racetracks can be designed, from simple circular tracks to complex slopes full of curves and turns. There are still some helpful requirements for the tracks: According to Nintendo, the play area should measure at least 3,5 x 3 meters, but beyond that, every living space - large or small - can be transformed into a unique Mario Kart experience. Countless route combinations are possible even in small rooms.

Different game modes are available, but the main mode is the Grand Prix. As with Mario Kart, players compete in different cups a, on a total of 24 different tracks. On each of these there are familiar Mario Kart elements that also affect physical karting. For example, if you grab a turbo mushroom in the virtual world, you give your physical kart a speed boost, while a hit by a red tank slows the kart down. You know that from the “original”, but in the augmented reality version the whole spectacle could seem clearly interactive.

With "real" karts, fans of the new AR racing game whiz over self-built slopes. Copyright: Nintendo

With “real” karts, fans of the new AR racing game whiz over self-built slopes. Copyright: Nintendo

Countless items known from the Mario Kart series should not be missing, including banana peel, blooper and even Kugelwillis, which enable the kart to chase the track at top speed for a short time and automatically stay on track. Various scenarios such as underwater, lava or retro are also available. “They enrich the game with numerous baffles and functions, all of which also affect the real kart,” explains Nintendo.

So there are other modes available: “own rules”, time trial and mirror mode:

  • Own rules: This mode opens up even more room for creativity. The players can determine the physical course of the route and also add new obstacles, items and more that make the race even more unique.
  • Time trial: To do this, the players first set up a slope and drive through it as quickly as possible in order to set a personal best. Then they either try to break their own record or they challenge one of your teammates to do so. For this game variant, you simply pass the controller on. The thrilling head-to-head race therefore only requires one Nintendo SwitchConsole and a copy of the game.
  • Mirror mode: This variant is just right for everyone who wants a special challenge. Because this mode allows everyone Grand Prix-Cross routes in mirrored form. This turns right to left turns - and the familiar becomes unfamiliar.

By playing, fans earn coins that they can then invest in cosmetic items. As is so often the case with Nintendo, the game is designed with the family in mind: Similar to Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, the new game also has a control assistant that keeps the kart safely on the track.

The game will start on October 16, when Mario Kart Live - Home Circuit will be released in two versions for Nintendo Switch.

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