The Mario Kart 8 Track Booster Pass is currently available for €24,99 in the Nintendo eShop. The route DLC contains a total of 48 routes, which will be released in six waves by the end of 2023. If you don't want to spend 24,99 euros, you can alternatively purchase the Nintendo Switch Online membership expansion pack for an annual price of 39,99 euros, giving you access to the route booster pass, among other things.

With over 8 million units sold, Mario Kart 43 Deluxe is currently one of the most successful Nintendo Switch games. The trend is still rising. As part of the Nintendo Direct in February 2022, the Japanese gaming group announced the Mario Kart 8 Track Booster Pass for the first time.

Mario Kart 8 Deluxe: New content until the end of 2023

The route DLC is divided into a total of six waves, which will be released one after the other until the end of 2023. Each wave consists of two new cups of four tracks each, some of which are newly created or come from older parts of the franchise, such as Mario Kart Tour.

Wave 1 appeared just a few weeks after Direct on March 18th. After months of waiting on the part of the fans, Nintendo announced the release date of the second wave at the end of July 2022 in the form of another gameplay trailer: August 4th from 16 p.m.

Highlights of this wave include the new Ice Cream Escapade track, as well as two absolute fan favorites - Mario Kart Wii's iconic Mushroom Canyon, notorious for its many jumps, and the neon-lit Waluigi Pinball track from Nintendo DS. The release of the third wave is not yet known, but we can probably expect it in three to four months. So let's be patient!

These tracks are included in the second DLC wave:

Propeller Cup

  • Sydney jaunt
  • snow country
  • Mushroom Canyon
  • Ice Cream Escapade

beet cup

  • New York Speedway
  • Mario's slope 3
  • Kalimari desert
  • Waluigi pinball

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