The next expansion to Hearthstone revolves around the frozen worlds of the Lich King: the "March of the Lich King", as the addon is called, brings a total of 145 cards into play - including 68 new Death Knight cards. 

The basic Death Knight cards are added to the game for free for all players. However, fans have to get hold of the rest of the new cards as usual via card packages. It's not the only central innovation: the March of the Lich King will introduce a whole new level of rarity with so-called signature cards - then with special artwork.

corpses and types of damage

The highlight of this innovation: Each expansion will contain its own appearance for the signature cards. You can't craft these cards, but you can't disenchant them either. 18 of the special cards will feature in the Lich King expansion to Hearthstone. .

The new Death Knight's cards also look completely different than usual due to one of his unique mechanics. Because: Death knights will use the rune system known from World of Warcraft to trigger special abilities from three types: blood, frost or unholy.

Each rune takes up one of three slots. Players can therefore create ten different combinations. For example, two blood runes and one frost rune allow second level blood spells and first level frost spells to be used. Even longtime Hearthstne fans will get some new options to experiment with. March of the Lich King thus brings real innovation and not just a pack of cards to the game.

It is also possible to focus on one type of damage in order to then trigger particularly powerful spells in the blood, unholy or frost categories. But then you are also committed to it.

The death knight have a unique corpse counter, which is necessary as an additional resource for some spells. The concept: each time a minion dies, it adds another body to the Lich King's corpse pile, which can then be used to cast the abilities.

March of the Lich King will be released on December 6th. Blizzard plans to reveal the cards regularly up to the release date. Pre-orders for March of the Lich King Bundles are now available.


The cards known so far:


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