Kobold Spieleverlag is bringing the “Harmonie” expansion to its Mandala Stones placement game to the game forge. The haptically and playfully convincing puzzle board game is then expanded to include joker stones. The cost of supporting the crowdfunding campaign is twelve euros.

The puzzle placement game Mandala Stones was a bit of a surprise of the previous year of games: The board game by Filip Glowacz impresses with its strongly pronounced haptic component, but it can also convince in terms of play. In this combination, Mandala Stones is a board game for fans of similarly conceptualized placement games, such as Azul. Ultimately, however, the comparison with the title published by Pegasus Spiele lacks because Mandala Stones clearly has unique selling points.

Pure harmony: twelve stones, twelve euros

Behind the simple rules, which make Mandala Stones playable for players aged ten and over, is a placement game that encourages tinkering and pondering. Everyone in turn selects their stones from a joint display and tries to trigger the scoring at the best time. There are also other bonuses waiting for you on the mandala in the middle of the game, which you can design together.

With Mandala Stones, the harmony expansion brings an element into play that has never existed before: Joker. There are twelve white stones in the box, the add-on should cost twelve euros. Fans in the Spieleschmiede have almost reached the goal of 1.500 euros shortly after the start of the campaign.

If you have missed Mandala Stones so far, you can also secure the basic game in the Spieleschmiede. The Crowdfunding project to expand harmony runs until January 25, 2022.

Spieleschmiede project on the road to success

The other crowdfunding campaigns currently running in the Spieleschmiede are similarly successful. The socio-economic board game hegemony leads the list with a level of 377 percent of the originally targeted financing amount. The German-language localized version follows the original and its Kickstarter campaign - at least as far as the successful outcome of the project is concerned: a total of over 600 blacksmiths have a total of around 56.000 euros raised. About two weeks left.

Also for them Abyss-Extensions are going extremely well in the Spieleschmiede: The initiators have already achieved three times the desired goal. Around 30.000 Euros have pumped almost 500 fans into the campaign. Here, too, there is a little more than two weeks left for those who are undecided.

The fifth addition to the hospital board game has long since exceeded the targeted funding targets The clinic and the new edition of the area control board game inis. After all, we are on the verge of success The Perfect Moment - The Sherlock Extension as well as fantasy ranch.

The latter title is dedicated to equestrian sport: with Spielefaible, a new publisher joins the game forge. Their first project takes the players to America, where they run their own horse farm. Over 5 rounds, the farm owners have to recruit new horses, enlarge their own farm and compete for prizes in tournaments. The division into three levels of difficulty makes it easy for newbies to get started with the game. For the very little ones there is even another game on the back of the board that can be played from the age of 5. In the two simplest stages of the main game, everyone takes care of their own farm. In the third stage, it is important to secure the best places from the other players. Other rule adjustments, such as drafting the first horses instead of a random distribution, introduce the players to the expert game variant.

However, things are not going so well for the Spieleschmiede Coffee Traders by Skellig Games. The reasons for this are obvious: the game advertises playability for two or more players, but it only makes sense to bring it to the table with three players. At best, the look is solid and too little thematic for a board game that relies on such a fresh setting as the coffee trade in the 197s. The complexity of the title could ultimately deter some board players or significantly reduce the target group in this country. Coupled with the high purchase price of 115 euros, the title has a hard time in German crowdfunding.

Still remain 11 days until the end of the funding period - The makers are now hoping that one or two euros of the Christmas bonus will flow into the campaign after the holidays.

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