The team behind The Darkest Dungeon board game plans to release an entirely new work: Back O' Beyond: Tales of Blood & Salt. It's about blood and the salt of the sea - in short: about pirates. The board game is to be financed by crowdfunding on Kickstarter.

Back O' Beyond: Tales of Blood & Salt is not intended to be just another board game, but a debut. The makers behind the board game adaptation of the video game The Darkest Dungeon have even founded their own publishing company. In the future, new board games are to be released under the Fabled Games label.

Debut board game about pirates

For the premiere, Fabled Games is relying on a board game with a pirate theme. The publishing house is led by Creative Director Nick Niotis and Managing Director Helena Tzioti. In the future, Mann wants to design and publish games that are intended to “create unforgettable gaming moments”. Ambitions are obviously cherished in fabled games.

The first title has it all, at least thematically, because the makers have picked out a real classic with the pirate setting, which Brettspiel is happy to accept. Back O' Beyond: Tales of Blood & Salt is intended to be a themed, moderately difficult euro board game for two to four players. The goal: to become the most notorious pirate captain.

Nick Niotis and Argyris Poungouras, the designer duo behind Darkest Dungeon: The Board Game, set sail for new adventures.

"Deep in the vast blue and gray of the sea and the endless storm lies a long-forgotten land," writes Fable Games about the story idea behind the debut board game. Stories abound about safe passage through the ocean. The path should ultimately lead to a legendary pirate island, hidden somewhere behind rocks, clouds and the unforgiving force of the sea. Captains spend their time on the legendary island, trade in the marketplace, drink spiced rum in the tavern or put their reputation to the test or cause plenty of mischief in the backyards.

Players do what pirates do: command a ship, choose crew members, fight and plunder ships full of loot, and increase their wealth.

Obviously, it will also be about looking after the well-being of the crew, because mutinies are also possible according to Fabled Games.

The game will be crowdfunded on Kickstarter in Q2023 2023. A worldwide retail release is planned for late XNUMX.

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