Magic The Gathering: Arena will also be released as an app game for smartphones and tablets, that has been known for a long time. Now Wizards of the Coast have also announced when the mobile offshoot of the digital card game will appear: "soon". However, that should be this year.

"Soon" or "when it's done" are statements about release times that fans fear. This is exactly what Wizards of the Coast is working with. The app version of Magic the Gathering: Arena is supposed to be released “soon” – after all, this means the limited period up to the end of the year.

Magic the Gathering Arena on the go

Last fall, Wizards of the Coast launched the new digital version of Magic the Gathering - after a beta phase of around two years. In the meantime, the game has also been released for MAC, and mobile versions are now to follow, although it is still unclear whether the app game will be launched on the market for Android and iOS or initially only for one of the two operating systems.

After countless announcements, the PC offshoot has become something like everyday life and suddenly Wizards of the Coast surprises with the information that the mobile game will appear in the foreseeable future. Fans will be happy, because not a few have been waiting for such an announcement for a long time. After a free-2-play title, the tide was ebb on smartphones and tablets when it came to Magic card games. In the meantime, only one puzzle adventure has appeared.

However, there are not many details. And that, although the release could be a quarter away at most. At least, and this is important, Wizards of the Coast have confirmed that the app should support cross-platform gaming - so you will probably be able to switch between the PC and the mobile version with your account or simply continue to play.

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