The Game Awards have made several new announcements, including an action MMO licensed by Magic the Gathering. Magic: Legends is developed by Cryptic, Perfect World acts as publisher. When the new MMO will appear on the market has not yet been determined. 

Cryptic Studios is developing an MMO action role-playing game in the universe of Magic the Gathering, the popular trading card game from the pen of legendary author Richard Garfield, which Wizards of the Coast launched back in 1993.

Magic: Legends - More than the name is unknown

The developers at Cryptic Studios are familiar with similar MMO formats. City of Heroes, Star Trek Online and Neverwinter: all the games made it through to the release and some of them are still running successfully today. 

It has been certain since 2017 that a Magic MMO would come. At that time, Cryptic announced a new free-to-play action MMO that will be based on the license from Magic the Gathering. There wasn't much more information, and the announcement at the Game Awards hardly brought any noteworthy details.

There is now a teaser trailer for this, which presents some lore impressions:


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In the video, among other things, the Planeswalkers appear, who will probably appear as the central player characters. At least that's what Cryptic was planning back in 2017 when it said: "In the role of planeswalkers, players explore breathtaking worlds, fight against powerful creatures and meet the legendary beings that shape the fate of the multiverse."

What else the Magic the Gathering MMO, Magic: Legends, has to offer remains to be seen. There is no further official information. The website does not reveal any details either, at least players can already register register for the beta.

The genre could, however, suggest the basic style of Magic: Legends. Cryptic calls the game itself “MMO Action-RPG”, which sounds more like a stripped-down MMO experience. Presumably, the developers based the game on Neverwinter, which also comes as a free-2-play title with MMO bonds. One can only hope that the powerful license does not have to serve as a cover for an interchangeable low-budget video game. In terms of quality, Magic: Legends will have to offer more than Star Trek Online or Neverwinter in order not to attract the ridicule of die-hard Magic fans.

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