At Madden NFL 23 occurs at the kickoff. On August 16th, pre-orderers can get started with the new edition of the NFL game from Electronic Arts. The ratings of the NFL teams are now also known. Fans are already happy or annoyed about the ratings of their favorite teams - the results are unlikely to change at launch: the best teams in Madden NFL 23 have therefore been determined. 

The developers were faced with a major task: the 32 professional teams from the National Football League had to be evaluated according to their performance. That has since happened, and as always, there are a few surprises in Madden NFL 23's overall rankings. The Tampa Bay Buccaneers are at the top, while the Houston Texans hold the Red Lantern. The two teams separate a whopping 18 performance points. 

Madden NFL 23: The Top Teams of the Season

EA Tiburon has at least made it a close call at the top tier in terms of overall team rankings. The top five teams are just five points apart - and even then the differences in the ranks are marginal. Surprisingly, there is only one team rated in the 24's - teams rated in the XNUMX's start in XNUMXth place with the Carolina Panthers. Some fans have to be strong, because traditional teams also show clear weaknesses.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers – Rating: 92 

The "GOAT" Tom Brady is also leaving his mark on the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. One of the best quarterbacks of all time puts his stamp on the NFL team in terms of performance, which in turn is reflected in the standings. The Bucs were the only team to break the nineties mark and became the best team in Madden NFL 23. And that's without Brady's top man Rob Gronkowski, who is no longer there. Instead, it's Chris Godwin and Makie Evans, along with the talented Russel Gage, who join Tom Brady to push the Tampa Bay Buccaneers' potential this season. 

This is likely to continue throughout the season: If Brady does not suffer a performance slump, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers will probably continue to be one of the top teams of the current season. In any case, EA Tiburon puts the Tampa pirates at the top. 

Buffalo Bills – Rating 89

Josh Allen's Buffalo Bills are the second-best team in Madden NFL 23. Rightly so - last season's predicted Super Bowl winner (well, overtime, well, Chiefs) is looking to attack again. The team owes the overall standings primarily to their star quarterback, who recently delivered perhaps the best hour of play of all time. That and the enormously strong defense make the Buffalo Bills a real top team at the start of Madden NFL 23, whose advantages will probably not only be used by die-hard fans.

Will that hold up over the course of the season? It remains to be seen, the Bills occasionally show phases of weakness, which could then also affect the rating. In any case, the teams behind the pros from Buffalo are lying in wait. 

Los Angeles Rams – Rating 88

The Los Angeles Rams follow just behind the Buffalo Bills. The two teams only score one point in the overall standings. Last season's Super Bowl winner has two destructive defensemen on the roster - Aaron Donald and Jalen Ramsey crushing some offense, giving the Rams a significant rating boost. Matt Stafford and Cooper Kupp also contribute to making the Los Angeles Rams one of the top teams in Madden NFL 23. Cam Akers is expected to unleash potential, leaving the Rams well-equipped to stay in the top 5 -- or even aim higher -- for the entire season. 

Green Bay Packers – Rating 88

The Green Bay Packers are tied for fourth with 88 points. And that's despite the departure of Devante Adams. How can the Packers still get so far up? Responsible is quarterback legend Aaron Rodgers, who has not yet given up football and wants to attack again with his team. With the Cheeseheads behind you, not much can go wrong on the pitch unless the passes don't get through. This is certainly a problem for the Green Bay Packers this season, because there are no outstanding pass receivers in the team. However, Aaron Jones is one of the best running backs in the game, which ultimately makes the Green Bay Packers one of the best teams in Madden NFL 23. 

Baltimore Ravens – Rating 87

The Baltimore Ravens, led by Madden NFL 23's fastest quarterback Lamar Jackson, are bottom of the top-5. Last season was mixed for the Ravens, but player performance was consistently at a high level. This gives the team a good start in terms of scoring in the Madden Reboot. However, the Ravens now have to prove that they actually earned their 87 rating - after all, the Chargers from Los Angeles are lurking right behind them, tied on points. One of the greatest advantages of the Baltimore Ravens is their well-balanced performance potential: the team can do great things both offensively and defensively and at best undermine the playing styles of specialized opponents, but at least block them. 

Top Teams in Madden NFL 23: Places 6th through 32nd

6. Los Angeles Chargers – Rating 87

7. Dallas Cowboys – Rating 86

8. Kansas City Chiefs – Rating 86 

9. San Francisco 49ers – ranked 86

10. Philadelphia Eagles – Rating 85

11. Cincinnati Bengals – Scoring 85

12. Arizona Cardinals—Scoring 84

13. Cleveland Browns – Scored 84

14. Denver Broncos – Rating 84

15. Las Vegas Raiders – Rating 83

16. Miami Dolphins – Rating 83

17. Tennessee Titans – Rating 82

18. New Orleans Saints – Rating 82

19. Indianapolis Colts - Scored 82nd

20. Washington Commanders – Score 81

21. New England Patriots – Rating 81

22nd Minnesota Vikings – Rating 80

23. Pittsburgh Steelers – Rating 80

24. Carolina Panthers – Score 79

25. New York Jets – Rating 79

26. Chicago Bears – Rating 78

27. Detroit Lions – Rating 78

28th Atlanta Falcons - Score 77th

29. Jacksonville Jaguars – ranked 77

30. Seattle Seahawks – Rating 76

31. New York Giants – Rating 75

32. Houston Texans – Scored 74

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