Madden NFL 23 release is just weeks away. EA Sports will now successively announce the player ratings. And there is another hot piece of information about the new Madden NFL edition: the franchise mode will be significantly improved in some cases.

There is significantly less stagnation in the franchise mode: the developers are working on noticeable improvements. This primarily affects scouting and player development, as a new trailer reveals. Electronic Arts starts its sports season this year with Madden NFL 23, followed by offshoots of other sports game series. With each passing day closer to the release of Madden NFL 23, new details are emerging.

Madden NFL 23: Noticeable Improvements

EA Sports recently published a "deep dive" on the franchise mode, which revolves around the implemented improvements. This is necessary, after all, the mode was previously criticized for having more or less stagnated for years. That could finally change with Madden NFL 23 – some changes that make sense are waiting.

Players should be able to enjoy more freedom and flexibility in Franchise mode when it comes to building and developing their teams. One innovation is the motivation in contract talks. Several factors now determine whether a player wants to sign with a team or not. This depends, among other things, on his chances of reaching the Super Bowl with the new contract partner. In addition, location or set-up have an effect.

Also new are the player tags with effects on the free agent concept, transfers and the draft. Tags are even said to influence the personality of the players. It's about how much individual players want them from other teams or if they get bonus experience. The new "Free Agent Hub" offers what the name promises. Players can finally place contract offers in a simplified way.

The developers have also planned numerous improvements in the scouting parameters, as well as a revision of the draft classes, optimizations in contract negotiations and a new user interface.

The title is again being developed by EA Tiburon in Orlando and Madrid. Until the release of Madden NFL 23, fans can still play the current edition of 22, the started well. The worldwide release date of Madden NFL 23 is August 19th. Fans who pre-order a Madden NFL 23 All Madden Edition will get up to three days of Early Access, so you can get started on August 16, 2022. By the way, there is one downer: Unlike an advertising banner on, Madden NFL 23 will not be available in Game Pass.


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