Madden NFL 23 has its cover star: John Madden himself. EA Sports' announcement that it will print the football legend on the boxes for this year's NFL game release comes as no surprise, and it's bittersweet. On the one hand, John Madden has accompanied the games series since its debut, on the other hand, the former coach and commentator passed away last year.

One could have bet that EA Sports would pick John Madden as this year's cover star. However, now it is official. After this death of legend Demanded fans immediately to honor the former NFL coach, commentator and football expert with a cover. That's exactly what's happening now: the All-Madden Edition of Madden NFL 23 is getting portrait artwork by Chuck Styles.

Madden NFL 23: Trailer is coming

For NFL fans, it's both sad and happy to see John Madden as the Madden NFL 23 cover star. Chuck Styles, an artist from Philadelphia, shows Madden as he is seen on television: in a good mood. It was the Philadelphie Eagles in the late XNUMXs who paved the way for Madden's career with their draft pick. However, the legend was never used: a knee injury in the training camp forced John Madden to train other teams instead of himself. The NFL legend passed away last year. Madden left a void that cannot be filled in the sport.

By the way, the announcement by EA Sports on June 1 of all days is no coincidence: that day in 1988 the original John Madden Football was released. EA is celebrating the occasion with the release of this year's cover star - and they've got more to come. The publisher has now named its field at its headquarters in Redwood Shores "John Madden Field".

Madden NFL 23 is already on the home stretch. A reveal trailer will be released shortly. The first details of Madden NFL 23 are also known: It will feature two versions of the coach John Madden, who leads two teams of "All Madden" athletes at the "Oakland Coliseum" in the 1970s. Madden coached the Oakland Raiders and won the 1976 Super Bowl with them. After his career on the field, Madden turned to pundit and commentating—both of which cemented his status as an NFL legend.

And it gets even better for fans: As announced by EA Sports, remastered audio clips from John Madden will be used to commemorate his times as a commentator.

EA Sports has not yet announced a release date for Madden NFL 23, but a new edition of the sports game is traditionally released in August around the start of the NFL season. That is very likely to be the case this year as well. One thing is clear: there will be a new feature called "Fieldsense". What does it do? So far unclear.

Until the release, fans can confidently play Madden NFL 22, and not only that started well, but since publication successively improved wurde.


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