Now is the best time to play Madden NFL 22: the Super Bowl is over, the next draft is weeks away, and so is the start of the new NFL season. Electronic Art's popular sports game is available in its current version at a bargain price - so there's no better way to pass the time.

EA simulated the Super Bowl game between the Los Angeles Rams and the Cincinetti Bengals with the sports game Madden NFL 22 - and was quite wrong. After all, the result was just as close in real life as in the simulation. There the AI ​​had predicted a 24:21 and thus a three-point lead for the Bengals. The Rams ultimately won the clash at SoFi Stadium, also by a three-point margin.

Now that the season is over, American football will only be available as a repeat for a while, or on the PC and consoles: Madden NFL 22 is now in its prime. The game is now better than ever.

Madden NFL 22 at its best

Every year around the start of the new NFL season, a new spin-off of Madden NFL is released. Last year the 2022 version presented itself in good shape, but it was It was already clear at the time of publication that the developers had to make some improvements. So there are at least two reasons for American football fans to download Madden NFL 22 to PC or console right now.

First of all, it will take a few weeks after the end of the season before the NFL feeling comes up again, at the earliest this will probably be the case with the draft from April 28th to 30th, 2022. So this time has to be bridged. And secondly, after numerous patches and updates, Madden NFL 22 is in top form - the sports game went from rookie to senior in almost one season.

Most recently, Electronic Arts had done a good job with update 2.06 and not only made major changes to the X-Factor roster, but also put a hand on the balancing. The latter is of immense importance for the feel of the game. Madden NFL is already considered one of the most realistic titles of any sports game, and it's only gotten better with the improvements. The respective patch notes can be found on the official website of the game, where Electronic Arts had published this information about the February 3 update:


  • New Superstar X-Factor players

New X Factor Players:

  • Jonathan Taylor, Colt's RB
    • FreightTrain
    • arm bar
    • Juke Box
    • Matchup Nightmare
    • Closer
  • Micah Parsons, Cowboys LB
    • Unstoppable Power
    • Out My Way
    • Edge Threat
    • Secure tackler
  • Justin Jefferson, Vikings WR
    • double me
    • Outside Apprentice
    • Route Technician
    • Deep Out Elite
    • Short In Elite

Players upgraded to Superstars:

  • JC Jackson, Patriots DB
    • Acrobat
    • Pick Artist
  • Diontae Johnson, Steelers WR
    • Short In Elite
    • Short Out Elite
  • Jordan Poyer, Bills DB
    • Deep Out Zone KO
    • Mid Zone KO
  • Cordarrelle Patterson, Falcons WR/RB
    • Backfield masters
    • recovery
  • Kenny Clark, Packers DL
    • insidestuff
    • unpredictable
  • Jeffery Simmons, Titans DL
    • The bull
    • run stopper

Downgraded X-Factors:

  • Fletcher Cox, Eagles DL
  • Amari Cooper, Cowboys WR
  • Ezekiel Elliott, Cowboys RB

Demoted Superstars:

  • Grady Jarrett, Falcons DL
  • Andrew Whitworth, Rams OL
  • James Bradberry IV, Giants DB
  • Aaron Jones, Packers RB

Electronic Arts continually reworks player ratings over the course of a season, so the Madden NFL series reflects the actual performance of the players like no other sports game. For fans, this means at the end of the season above all: hardly any team is still at the level of the start of the season.

Above all, the so-called title updates are essential for the feel and atmosphere. Most recently, in mid-January, the developers made some drastic changes to literally take Madden NFL 22 to the next level. Not only had various franchise construction sites been worked on, but also the gameplay with regard to the “Run Commit” and “RPO Peek” plays. The developers explained: "RPO Peek" plays now work like all other RPO plays, where the ball is automatically passed if not thrown in time. Players can no longer scramble with the QB if not using RPO Read plays.

Past improvements in pass coverage are also noticeable on the field, and have been since November. At that time, Electronic Arts had released one of the most extensive title updates in which numerous bugs had been fixed, including in the moves. In the meantime, Madden NFL 22 is more authentic than ever - the game clearly shows its development progress. Anyone who may have taken a break on the virtual pitch due to the current NFL season now has the chance to make a comeback with the currently best possible version of an NFL simulation.

Feedback from fans helps

Last but not least, this is due to the feedback from the players themselves. The Madden community is active and often gives feedback to the developers after the patches and updates. In this way, the creators can react specifically to what fans want. Not all of this is always implemented, but the chance is comparatively high in Madden NFL overall.

Also hugely relevant and a real leap for the current edition of Madden NFL was the release of the Scouting update in October. Made the feature available for Franchise mode and offers a chance to align the team at the detail level. The Madden NFL experience has never been this intense. At the same time, EA had implemented the ranked mode in the entertaining action mode The Yard and published NFL authenticity updates, including retro jerseys or stadium conversions. In the meantime, the developers had even fine-tuned the appearance of the players.

Madden NFL has always been a series of games that had to mature over the course of a season. This is no different with Madden NFL 22 – if you were unsure whether it was worth getting started, you can now confidently grab it. In addition to the gameplay improvements and optimizations, the purchase price is now a powerful argument: Madden NFL 22 is available at good prices for PC, PS4, PS5, Google Stadia, Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S. In any case, the sad time without football can be turned into a waiting time with a lot of football.

By the way: Thank you, Coach!

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