EA Sports is entering a new round with Madden NFL 22 later this month. The American Football game will be released on August 20th for PC and consoles. However, fans can already access the now mandatory 12-hour test version on August 10th. 

Electronic Arts and EA Sports are rolling out Madden NFL 22 on August 20th. From then on, fans can fight for the Super Bowl again with their favorite NFL stars. The sports game will be released for PC (Origin, Steam), Xbox One and Xbox Series X as well as Playstation 4 and Playstation 5. Prices range between 60 and 80 euros.

Trial of Madden NFL 22 for EA Subscribers

If you don't want to wait, you can put your hand on the gamepad as always - this is exactly what we mean this time, because apparently the trial is only available for consoles. Electronic Arts Games subscription EA Play subscribers can let the egg-shaped leather fly for ten hours from August 12th - more than a few weeks before the official launch.

The trial is the full version of the sports game, but with a limited playing time of ten hours in total. In the meantime, this option has become a mandatory service for EA games: a trial instead of a demo, so to speak.

This results in one important instruction: if you have finished playing, you should close the game completely so as not to waste any of the limited minutes. The game and thus the trial can be easily accessed by searching. If you are an EA Play subscriber, you should then be able to easily install the game.

Whether the trial will actually only be available for console gamers will be revealed by the launch of the test phase at the latest. PC gamers can also get started before the release, at least a little earlier: Those who have pre-ordered the MVP or Dynasty Edition can play three days before the official start - from August 17th. Then without time restrictions, because early access is the full version that everyone else can play from August 20th. Of course, the bonuses also apply to pre-orderers of the corresponding Xbox and Playstation versions.

Madden NFL 22 features quarterback stars Patrick Mahomes and Tom Brady on this year's cover. One of the new features of the 2021 edition is to simulate a home advantage. Away teams not only compete against the opposing team, but also against the "crowd" in the stadium. After the release, we will of course also test Madden NFL 22 extensively, just like last year Predecessor Madden NFL 21, which we liked overall, despite some weaknesses.

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