One can princely discuss this year's edition of EA Sports' Madden NFL 21, but the critical voices about the "expensive Kaden update" do not detract from its popularity. As reported on the official Twitter channel, players have completed over 460.000 seasons - the half million has probably already been cracked. And there's more exciting statistical insight into Madden NFL 21's launch week.

It's almost become a tradition for publishers to publish global statistics on player accomplishments. EA Sports hardly wants to break with this and provides insights into the numbers game behind Madden NFL 21.

Madden NFL 21: The Brady Effect

With almost half a million seasons played, there are many statistics in Madden NFL 21, some of them are quite exciting - above all the Brady effect. The Buccaneers were played nearly nine times more than they were without the former top quarterback for the New England Patriots, according to EA Sports. Brady - at least at Madden NFL 21 - is still one of the top people. Brady's virtual alter ego ranks fourth among the top 5 quarterbacks with the most touchdown passes, behind Russel Wilson, Lamar Jackson and top scorer Patrick Mahomes. Most of the passes were captured by Tyreek Hill, Hollywood Brown and Mike Evans.

The Brady effect is particularly evident. Image rights: EA Sports

The Brady effect is particularly evident. Image rights: EA Sports

When it comes to running performance combined with touchdowns, Ezekiel Elliott, Lamar Jackson and Mark Ingram II have the noses ahead. The fact that the Baltimore Ravens are currently one of the most popular teams at Madden NFL 21 is hardly a surprise given the choice of the cover star. In any case, the current offshoot is busy when it comes to fan activity: Compared to its predecessor Madden NFL 20, 49 percent more games have been played.

Madden NFL 21 is proving to be a popular game once again, especially with the start of the "real season" just around the corner. The game gives the game a boost, as does the corona pandemic with many people staying at home - and that despite all the criticism and sometimes devastating user ratings, which - of course again on Metacritic - led to real review bombing. In fact, Madden NFL 21 sticks closely to what its direct predecessor offered, However, we really liked the new edition of the sports game, especially because of the detail improvements in the gameplay area. The new mode "The Yard" is also convincing and provides a breath of fresh air in the series.

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