The trailer for the new horror shocker "M3GAN" has been released and went viral on social media within a short time. The film about the merciless AI doll apparently transfers the popular horror classic "Chucky the Killer Doll" to the year 2022 and is already captivating its viewers worldwide. We take a closer look at why the horror trailer seems to appeal to Tik Tok users of all people. 

AI is increasingly fascinating modern society. The two letters stand for artificial intelligence and describe the automation of intelligent behavior. Broken down, intelligent life is breathed into robots. AIs should mostly be in no way inferior to humans or even surpass them and make our lives easier in the future. The bizarre trailer for the horror film "M3GAN" by Gerard Johnstones, which is currently causing a sensation around the world, shows that this does not always end well in our imagination.

M3GAN's bizarre dance routine goes viral

M3GAN's trailer tells the story of young sage Katie (Violet McGraw) who lost her parents in a tragic accident. From now on she should spend her life with her aunt Gemma (Allison Williams). But he lacks previous experience with children. Luckily her latest project is waiting to be used. As a robotics expert in a toy company, she invented the lifelike AI doll "Model 3 Generative Android" or M3GAN (Amie Donald).

A near-lifelike doll programmed by Gemma to be any child's perfect nanny and friend. Without further ado, she places the prototype at Katie's side. But what initially seems like a good friendship between young girls seems to turn into a bloodthirsty campaign a short time later. M3GAN's protective instinct seems to be spiraling out of control. With a cold heart, the doll makes it her mission to avert any perceived danger from Katie and does not shy away from brutally getting in the way of children. The trailer ends with an almost bizarre dance by the AI ​​doll, in which many users recognize typical Tik Tok moves.

M3GAN's spooky dance routine has gone viral on popular social media channels ever since the trailer was released. Provided with current hits by music stars like Beyonce, BTS, Cardi B, Megan Thee Stallion or Taylor Swift, it is already spreading its terror everywhere.

Alongside Gerard Johnstones, James Wan (Insidious, Conjuring, Malignant, Saw) and Akela Cooper (Malignant, The Nun 2) worked on the AI ​​horror. M3GAN is scheduled to be released in cinemas in Germany on January 12, 2023.


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